Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Celtic Glasgow wants Bojan on loan

Scottish tabloid The Scottish Sun claims that Celtic Glasgow wants to sign Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18) on loan.

The good relationship between the two clubs, Bojan's eagerness to play more regularly and his close friendship with Celtic player Marc Crosas could make a deal possible.

Barcelona would want to send Bojan out on loan next season and will discuss the issue at the end of the season (read more here). Bojan's agent Zoran Vekic is quoted as asking more playing time for the Catalan striker: "He is happy at Barcelona but needs to play more. We must find a solution that suits everyone and anything is possible this summer."

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groga said...

I think we should better start stories like "... not interested in Bojan", because everyone seems to be...

I guess he'll just stay anyhow.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Its funny how Barça fans keep saying that Bojan is not tall enough, not strong enough when the teams that want want Bojan are traditionally the ones use big tall strikers, ie Celtic, Blackburn, Bolton.

How is it that he can fit in within their system while back here where we have survived without the physical, tall CF for so many years want to get rid of him ?

Anonymous said...

Because those teams already have tall, strong men up front, and want a support striker like Bojan?

kamikaze kontiki said...

So shouldn't we looking for a back-up striker then rather loaning or selling Bojan ?

raidall said...

come on kamikaze let's be realistic do you think that bojan is raedy to decide a game when whole barca is depending on him?
do you think he can fill in the place of eto'o when eto'o is away at the african cup for a whole month?

we need someone who can deal with the presure, someone who has the same fighting spirit like eto'o, someone on who we can depend.

just take a look at keirrison for example, he is a player who can decide things very quickly cuz he is always in the starting eleven and he knows that palmeiras has only him to finish the goal. he can deal with the pressure cuz he growht with it, there are no other forwards who are talented like him but bojan has to do it with substitutes and sometimes he makes it in the eleven.

i don't want to break bojan cuz i know very very well that he is gonna be greater than eto'o and even henry after 2 jaers and i have no doubts about it cuz he has a lot of things that are similar to the forward players of eto'o

i would say loan him out, espically to an english team(not chelsea cuz he won't make it in the eleven)where he can start every game while he gets better and better until the team depends on him cuz only he can make the differnz

i would see barca playing with zlatan in the cf and (keirrison as back up)
and after 2 years we are gonna have to world topclass cf keirrison and bojan.

i hope you agree with me kamikaze


kamikaze kontiki said...

I wish I could agree with you raidall :)

But I dont, handling the big match pressure is somehting that comes with experience and I dont think there is any place he will learn it better than Barça.

Effectively, what you are saying comes down this : We develop players from at La Masia, give them the skills and then we send them away because we are not ready to invest in that last phase of their development. This would pretty much justify the English clubs poaching of our players such as Fabregas. It sends out the wrong msg to the players in the youth academy. And we should remember that Bojan has made the most of his limited opportunities. There really is not much more the kid could have done. Besides that, he has time and again stated that all he wants is to stay at Barça. I cant think of a bigger blow to his career than to send him away now.

My option would be to buy a back-up striker like Llorente and keep Bojan, allow the two to takeover during the African Nations Cup.

raidall said...

yeah you are right but you are misunderstanding me i said loan him out just like we did with crosas and henrique. to be honest with you let's go for keirrison instead of llorente

R10FCB said...

i think if guardiola is going to do the same "rotation" policy hes been doing this season then bojan should go on loan. it seems this season that bojan has hardly been given a chance, even when hes done well in the cup matches. i think i heard something like guardiola has said that bojan is not ready for the first team, if this is true than bojan probably wont be getting any greater of a chance next season.

Anonymous said...

Kamikaze: They are looking for a support striker, not a backup striker. A support striker is someone who plays off a bigger striker in a 4-4-2.

Anonymous said...

who the hell is kierisson???? why is everybody talking about him like hes the new ronaldo...i guess that no one watched him play they just watched videos on youtube

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