Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Points: Mallorca

Oier 6__6__6,5__5__5,5

Alves 6__6__6,5__7__6,5
Cáceres 6__5,5__7__5__7,5
Abidal 6__6,5__6,5__6__7
Sylvinho 5__6__6,5__6__6,5

Gudjohnsen 5__6,5__6,5__5__6,5
Xavi Torres 7__6__6__5__6
Hleb 4__7__7__3__6

Pedro 6__5,5__6__6__6,5
Eto'o 6__5__3,5__1__4,5
Bojan 7__7__8__8__7

Thiago 6__*__*__*__6
Jeffren 6__*__*__*__6,5


If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know. See previous points here.


Anonymous said...

eto'o "sax".. we must sell him..

Bogman said...

It was ha horrid display, no question about it. But Eto'o is Eto'o...I must say that this could go either way for me. He is not getting younger and this could be our only chance to get something for him since he's contract expires next year. But on the other hand he has scored a lot of good goals and I'm shure we would miss him a lot if he left. It all depends on how much money we get for him and who replace him. If the replacement would be Villa or even Zlatan (because of his strength and power) i think it's worth considering, but not if it's for example Adebayor or some other lazy bastard.

hieifcb said...

haha @Eto'o = 1
i mean he scored a goal, he might have gotten 1000 chances and scored one.. he still doesnt deserve a 1.

deco said...

Zlatan would be perfect. He's big, stong and fast. A creative man with some of the best moves on the planet. He can hold the ball as long as he want an makes unbelievebale goals.

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