Saturday, 23 May 2009

Pique: "I will be down there, for the fans"

Barcelona player Gerard Piqué gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

This Champions League final is different than last year's one?
Yes, and for different reasons. First because this time I will really play for my team, which is Barça. I've been a culé since I was born, I've experienced this club since I was little and my whole family consists of Barça fans. On a personal level, this final is more emotional. It's the dream I had my whole life. It's coming true. Ask anyone who will be in the stands of the Olympic stadium in Rome with a Barça scarf or who will be at the Mini Estadi in Barcelona watching the game on the big screen, what they would feel if they would be on the pitch. I will be down there, for them, feeling the same.

And at a professional level?
At a professional level it's different because in the pre
vious final I wasn't part of the match sqaud. This time I feel fully involved.

Let's talk business. As a double agent, are you willing to explain me how Manchester United prepares a final?
I will try.

When does Ferguson give the starting line-up?
Normally he waits for the last minute. If they play at home, he tells it in the dressing-room at Old Trafford. If they play away, including the finals, he gives it in the hotel.

In the morning?
Yes, in the morning, although all along the week, in the training sessions, it's clear who will play. He always trains with the team that will start. He doesn't need to tell you anything. From the beginning of the week you know if you will play, it depends on the shirt you wear.

The opponents are analyzed using videos?
Yes. In the hotel there's a video session, but it's not Ferguson who presents it. Carlos Queiroz, who's the field coach, gives the explanations. I guess it's still the same now.

What's the role of Ferguson then?
During the week, he doesn't appear a lot during training sessions. His assistants are basically in charge of the training and he's the one who leads the important sessions before the games.

In the coming days, you will be able to read the second part of this interview with Piqué looking forward to the final.

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