Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Poll result - Man of the match: Mallorca

This is the final result of this blog's Mallorca-Barcelona: who was our man of the match? poll:

1. Bojan 34%
2. No one 19%
3. Eto'o 7%

see full results here
see previous poll results


Zairus Fadzli said...

hi pep, this website gave the best reason on why barcelona won the league thanks http://www.insidefutbol.com/2009/05/19/10-reasons-why-barcelona-won-la-liga-and-man-utd-should-worry/

pep said...

Thanks Zairus, we'll look into it!

R10FCB said...

when people were voting for eto'o for motm, was that meant to be a joke?

izdro said...

Man of the match in terms of which individual player influenced the outcome the most. Eto'o was definitely the man of the match in that sense. But I agree that there should be a principal agreement on the negative usage of the term.

What do you think, Pep? Man of the match as the best player, or man of the match as the most decisive one (whether good or bad)? What were your initial intentions with these polls?

Or am I just overanalyzing?

and thanks for a wonderful blog!

R10FCB said...

i could be wrong here, but isnt the whole ponint of the man of the match is for the player who performed the best on field not the person who influenced the best? if it was influence than xavi and puyol would be leading it every week.

pep said...

Guess my initial intentions were to look for the best player of the game, but you have always people who have a different look on things...

And thanks, izdro.

Anonymous said...

In the Picture up there with eto and bojan... whats is the white thing(looks like a sock)over the the yellow socks?

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