Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Medical: Henry and Iniesta available for Rome final

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona players Andrés Iniesta (25) and Thierry Henry (31) will be available for the Champions League final against Manchester United in Rome next Wednesday.

Both players are in the final stage of their recovery and Barcelona's medical staff and physical coaches would have informed Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola that he will be able to count on them. Henry will have to pass a last serious test later today, but nothing indicates that this could be a problem.

Henry strained the posterior cruciate ligament of his right knee during the league game against Real Madrid on 2 May and was expected to be out for at least three weeks, while Iniesta torn a quadriceps muscle on the front of his right thigh during the league game against Villarreal on Sunday 10 May.

French sports paper L'Equipe claims that Henry could join the group training at the end of this week. A medical source at Barcelona is quoted as saying: "His knee is stable again. There is still a risk that it breaks. But this risk won't be the same in 10 days time."

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wohoo many gettin outscored 4 sure =)

go henry, go iniesta, GO BARCA

Leo10 said...


Im going this line-up for the final -

Puyol - Toure - Pique - Sylvinho

Xavi - Keita - Iniesta

Messi - Eto'o - Henry

also pep do u think you could make the ultimate game, get inside guardiolas head double points for the final??

Koyya said...


bluess said...

cant wait for next weeK!!

now do you know where i could download the CL final? and 6-2 demoliton against madrid!
i want to see over and over again..

SJP said...

great news, we are going to need henry, he will be fired up as probably his last chance to win CL.

@bluess RM download link was posted on earlier article, probably the game review one.

Anurag said...

both these guys are crucial as they add extra steel to an already razor sharp attack. and i hear ferdinand is a doubt for the final, so we have an even better chance

bluess said...

thx SJP.

lets do the treble!!

309 said...

Allahamdulillah :)

R10FCB said...

bring it on man u!

Anonymous said...

Leo10... I think your line-up is probably correct, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Busquets in place of Keita.

Anonymous said...

Henry is good news, but Iniesta in the midfield is crucial for vicotory. With the makeshift defense(no toure in dm role), keeping possesion is crucial. Iniesta/or xavi can drop deap to provide outlet for defense since no alves to simply drive foward. I have a good feeling about this game.

Marc4barca said...

anurag, ferdinand is going to play and as for our defence, it could be a blessing in disguise, the two full bakcs who were tormented from chelsea aren't playing, let's admit, alves is good but his crosses won't work against manu and he would leave to much space for anderson or cr7 just like he did for malouda and probably go taking down other players to quickly and as for abidal he has had a inconsistent year, he falls asleep on the dead ball situations and he is quite wild, hitting into players without caution. i think puyo at rb is the perfect move and slyvinho will do a better job than abidal, if we lose it will be down to missing chances not our defence.

hieifcb said...

with Henry + Iniesta, i have even more faith now! We will rape Manchester!
Come on Henry! I hope his dream come true =D
Win the Champions League! ^^

Iason said...

Our strongest defense is like this:


When we play that no one ever gets through the on goal. Without Marquez and Alves, our defense is very slow to start the counter attacks. Good thing Pique has learned quickly. Keita cannot play as the only DM because he goes forward too much and doesn't read the game that well. Busquets is to unexperienced. Toure should move back up to Midfield but that only leaves Caceres as the other Central Defender and I don't trust him there. He can play as right back. He is much better there. Also, If we play Sylvinho against Osasuna, wont his age make him a little tired for Manchester United? I'd hate to be in Pep's shoes right now. I would put Caceres under super intense training for the next week to see how he improves. If he does well against Osasuna, then you can use him against Man U. If not then move Toure to the Defense

Iason said...


Marc4barca said...

i think pepe should play 3-5-2 althoug it may seem against our style but 3-5-2 ia a balance between attack and defence it's the ultimate italian formation, with barca's possession play we will give manu a very hard time with this formation


Two CF, Three CM, Two DM, Three CB and the keeper

with this our defence won't be so open and the zone marking game manu will play will be their downfall, why u ask? cause with both henry and eto playing cf and iniesta and messi playing the midfield, xavi has more time on the ball and more space to play his passing game cause manu players are to busy marking out 4 other players spread all over their half and if they decide that xavi will be marked then either henry or eto will find space. I know two defensive midifelders will hurt our rep and people may say we got scared and became cowards but i say barca will make any formation look beautiful and what a surprise it would be for barca to field that formation and team, fergie won't know what to do cause he has never seen barca utilize something like that and it has been proven this season that manu defence crumble under intense pressure and are weak to long balls. cause they love possession play as well and when they don't get it they get frustrated, remind you of any team? lol. I seriously don't mind letting manu run the game for 30minutes and hit them on breaks, certainly if we get the first goal the game would be in our favour as the manu will open up then that's when we switch back to 4-3-3 instantly, forcing manu players to adjust again and then apply the pressure, hold up the ball, fire on goal alot and probably go to ground with every touch. one i learn from watching football the last 2 seasons is that their is no justice in football, we try to play the game the right way but everyone defends against us, hit our players, don't get carded, go to ground easy and celebrate at the end of the game like they defeated satan and eradicated sin and get praised for it and then call barca whiners and overrated. it's time we fight back the same way except for defending alot. i say 3-5-2 is the formation to play and dirty tactics in some parts of the game is needed. or we can just stick to 4-3-3 and paky nice lol, either way we could win but i like to go with the win that doesn't include any heart stopping moments.

Scano814 said...

Iason- I totally agree with you man!!! I think we underestimate how much more important yaya is to our team in midfield than in defense. I definitely think caceres should slot in at full back simply because we need his speed. my preferred line up:

Caceres-Puyol-Pique- Keita

Xavi -----------Iniesta

Messi (yes, in the middle)
Eto'o Henry

However we will probably line up with
pique and toure in the centre and puyol and sylvinho as fullbacks...keita cannot hold down the midfield by himself!!!

rahul said...

yes yes yes yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss wt a news yesssssssssssssss.

xaviesta said...

thank you jesus christ......

Barca for triple!!!
go go go

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