Sunday, 17 May 2009

Messi: "Everyone loves Carlos Tevez"

Barcelona player Lionel Messi gave an interview to British men's lifestyle weekly magazine ShortList.

Barcelona are the bookmakers’ favourites to win this season’s Champions League. Are you really the best team on the planet?
I’m not sure we can call ourselves the best team just yet. We are working hard for that honour. But even if we were to lift the Champions League trophy this year, it would not mean everyone would agree we are the greatest. Such things are always a matter of opinion but we will strive to conquer Europe and then people can make their own minds up as to who is the best.

What do you think about Manchester United?
There is no doubt Manchester United have a truly great team. With players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez and, this season, Dimitar Berbatov, they are always going to be successful. Of all their trophies, though, I would say they will probably leave the Champions League to Barcelona.

The argument goes that the Premier League is now the dominant force in European football. Do you agree?
It is a debate I have heard much about but I am not sure I can agree. I know that La Liga is very competitive, as is the Premier League, and perhaps together they are the most impressive leagues in the world at the moment. But there are also the Italian and the Argentine leagues, which are hardly weak.

Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo – who really is the best player in the world at the moment?
I don’t like comparing myself to Ronaldo as we’re not the same people. I am not desperate to collect awards such as the Player of the Year because I am sure one day it will happen. As long as I am making a good contribution for Barcelona and for Argentina, I’m satisfied and happy with life and the awards will take care of themselves. But it is obvious to everyone that Ronaldo is an unbelievable footballer. He is someone I would pay money to watch.

You and Tevez are good friends. Why do you think he’s so popular with the Manchester United fans?
I’ve never met somebody that didn’t like Carlitos. And by this I mean Carlitos as a player and as a human being. In order to describe him, you just have to see him with his daughter Florencia. He is very sweet to her and he follows her all day. He is very funny and always in a good mood. He never gets mad. If he has to sit on the bench, he just sits there and encourages his teammates.

You, Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto’o form a potent attacking force at Barça. What is your relationship like on and off the pitch?
Playing with those two guys is great because they make things easy for the rest of the team and for myself with their superb quality. There is a chemistry between us and I believe that shows in the side’s performances. I also get on well with both Samuel and Titi when we are not playing. Titi and I have become good friends faster because his culture and customs are more similar to mine, but Samuel is a very fun guy to be with, too.

How do you spend your time away from the pitch and the relentless focus of the media?
I am just a normal person who enjoys being with my family and friends when I am not playing football. I like normal stuff like playing computer games and going to restaurants. I really don’t have outrageous tastes or an extravagant lifestyle.

Do you have any other sporting talents we should know about...
I’m not really allowed to play other sports in case I get injured. I play tennis once in a while, because it is relatively safe, but that’s it. I’ve played football since I was a little kid. I have incredible fun whenever I play, and sometimes I honestly forget it is my job. When I have a ball at my feet, I forget the rest of the world exists. It is the ultimate escape and such an amazing feeling.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you since arriving in Europe?
Lots of funny things have happened. People’s admiration for me is incredible. I am pretty shy and I can’t believe it when people tell me about the crazy things they do just to see me, like sleeping in front of the Nou Camp for hours just to see me cross the road. But the funniest anecdote is definitely what happened to me in Venezuela. I was leaving the pitch and this girl wanted to jump about five metres down from the stand just to give me a kiss. I told her, “Don’t do it!” but she jumped anyway and I got a kiss!

What is your ultimate football dream?
It has always been to play in the World Cup finals. I only started one of Argentina’s games in 2006 in Germany and I would have liked to play more. Therefore I can’t wait for South Africa 2010. I believe we have amazing players and with luck and heart, we can win the tournament.

read the complete interview here

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Iason said...

Messi, Iniesta and Xavi for Players of the Year!

Anonymous said...

I would sleep outside Camp Nou for a few years to see him cross the road. :)

hamad_ali said...

i'd jump 5000 meters and will probably go through the ground and end up some where in china XD , just to say thank u for everything you've done for us leo.

but aside from that i really feel sorry for tevez he's a great team player who wouldn't say no to sitting on the bench for the sake of the team , united will feel sorry for losing him just like they did with van destroy and becks .

peter said...

The more i think about it, the more sense it would make to get Tevez if either Henry or Etoo would leave.

Remember we've been very lucky with injuries this season. Only now are we seeing some problems. We might not be that lucky next year, and i would someone like tevez in the squad. He would be good for mixing it up a bit. Messi, Bojan, Pedro and Jeffren are a bit similar. Tevez is more of a hard working bulldog type of player.

Uji said...

Here is the video where the girls jumps down to messi.

Uji said...


hieifcb said...

damnn!! girl got a hug!
totaly worth falling down! hahaha

rahul said...

wr a man teh more u know him teh more he becomes ur idol n u respect him mroe than before. just amazing. god bless him.

sashi said...

This man is truly amazing!

jahjah2001 said...

Messi is such a normal guy (apart from his mad football skills!) He genuinely is not bothered about being the best player or getting all the attention, all he wants to do is kick a football! It's amazing the difference between him and other world class players, He drives a audi that was given to him by the club, no flashy sports car. Is shy and dose not like media attention. Is dating a girl from his home town, not a supper modle. And is most happy with a ball at his feet.

This guy really is special...

tricampions said...

omg !!! omg!!! lol!!! I'm watching the video right now,and I can't stop laughing!!

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