Friday, 22 May 2009

Quote of the day: Messi

I'm dreaming of Barcelona becoming the Champions League winners. And, at least until 27 May, no-one can take that dream away from me.

Lionel Messi, Barcelona player


pep said...

"The Champions League final will be the most fantastic thing that has happened to me in all my life. These are incredible moments you can't really explain with words; in a match like the one in Rome, the whole world is hanging on your every move."

"We were suffering right up until stoppage time at Stamford Bridge. But that's one more proof that we deserve to win the Champions League.

The fact we beat Chelsea, and the manner in which we did it, shows Barcelona aren't just a good team - we have impressive mental strength too.

We were at their place and we were losing from early on but we gave them a fight right to the end. That last move was just glorious - my heart nearly exploded when I saw Iniesta's shot go in."

"Guardiola is a piece of history, so he understood straight away how to speak to the players about the way to play football at this club. So we were soon in tune with his playing style.

For example, a couple of times he played me in positions where I didn't think I'd be able to give my maximum, like when I played as a deep-lying number nine against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. But he explained to me that I could play there - and in that area, a few metres deeper than where a number nine usually operates, I was going to hurt Real. And he was right. Pep knows a lot. You can tell that very quickly. He's very hard-working, modest and optimistic."

barcan said...

Messi please make your and ofcourse also my dream come true on 27 may.

sashi said...

u have the right to dream and also its in ur hands to make it a reality! come on Messi. silence Evra n Man U and Fergie!

sashi said...

Evra : "I'm the best, so I don't fear Barca star Messi "

lets jsut wait for tat day Mr.Patrice. Messi is gonna insult u in such a way tat u would never big mouth again ; so will ur old manager Fergie!

jester[HUN] said...

I hope that Messi's dream will come true!
Long Live Barca!

Anurag said...

evra will go back to old trafford crying. we saw how arsenal screwed him after he made the "men against babies" comment. this guy has too big a mouth. i think it is upto messi and co. to silence him. and messi, no one will take the dream away from you, not even on the 27th

corazonazulgrana said...

i think all our hearts nearly exploded when iniesta hit that screamer lol.
in a way i'm glad it wasnt messi that put us thru to the finals. just goes to show we are a team at last and not just a bunch of talented individuals. its what makes the barca of this seasonn really special - all these talents coming together as one..Som Un.. how fitting.

rahul said...

everyone in tht manwhore team is loud big mouth like coah like players. youth players when they come on teh pitch wit tht exuberance of having achieved eevrything, is so disgusting to watch. n i know messi will embarrass them just like he did last yr this yr is barca's yr nt even teh devil can spoil it. come on messi embarrass tht overrated evra.

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