Friday, 22 May 2009

Barça B: Thiago rejected Chelsea offer

Asked about the future of Barcelona Atlètic attacking midfielder and Spanish youth international Thiago Alcántara (18), the player's father Mazinho has said in an interview with Catalan radio station Ona FM that the player has no intention to leave:

"We still didn't sign a professional contract but there's a lot of chance we will be able to sign one. We're calm. Myself, Barcelona and the boy are happy here and we're surely continue here for a long time.

When Thiago turned sixteen, he received a serious offer from Chelsea but it didn't interest us because Barcelona always works very well with the youth. I don't have any doubts that he won't leave. Rafa, the little one, is also being followed by a lot of foreign clubs but we're happy at Barça and they're happy with us.

Rafa might be a more complete player from a coaches' point of view because he's tactically very disciplined. He fulfills what the coach is asking him. Thiago, who is technically very good and has more self-belief, sometimes wants to do a little too much. I think it's a player who can make it and who has everything to play at whatever team.

I'm very happy that my son isn't compared with me, the former world champion. Because normally people tend to make comparisons with the fathers. I don't like it but it's normal. But Thiago Alcántara has come this far because he's Thiago, not because he's the son of Mazinho. I think that's clear for everyone."

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Anonymous said...

God damn these EPL poachers...raise your own players.apparently british kids cant handle the ball...

jazzy said...

after reading this.. i dont think we need cesc to warm our bench :)
but i would hate it if he goes to RM :p

Aussie Barca Fan said...

The boy is good and he is our future along with Gai, Jojan, Pedro etc. We should hold unto him.

tobogan said...

If Cesc ever signs for Madrid, it would just show that his character wasn't good enough to be a Barcelona player anyway. Cesc hurt us all by going to Arsenal, he should not expect to be welcomed with open arms without doing anything. Would also give a bad examples for the players who had offers but decided to stay - like Thiago.

I unfortunately missed the last game against Mallorca, would have loved to see the boy play. I hope he lives up to the expectations. And it's great to hear that there's another Alcantara coming up through the Masia. :D

hieifcb said...

a new star Rafa?
niceeeee anyone got any idea wht position the lil one plays?

Ramen said...

He plays the "Deco role."

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