Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Exit Valdes was an option

Asked about the renewal negotiations of Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés (27) earlier this summer (read more here), Barcelona goalkeeping coach Juan Carlos Unzué has said in an interview with Catalan sports paper Sport that he has been scouting substitutes:

"There was a chance he would leave because both he and the club were defending their interestes, something they are entitled to do.

We were working on making an analysis of the market so we would be ready in case Víctor wouldn't continue and we would need to find someone to replace him. That's our job. Fortunately, the club and Víctor reached and agreement and that was great news for me, because I think he's one of the three best goalkeepers in the world."

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He did deserve a raise...maybe not what he was expecting, but whats fair is fair. Regardless of what you Valdes haters think. He might not be the best goalkeeper in the world, but he's Barca's keeper and has helped us win trophies. Along with his prestigious personal achievements. I defiantly had my few moments of ambiguity and quandary in the beginning of his career. But he has always my full support and belief. I'm glad he is still wearing our colors.

BamaCule said...

yes hes a great keeper, but demanding to be payed on the same level as casillas? not even cech reina almunia or VDS are doing that and all of them are just as good or better than Valdes. as far as personal accomplishments, goals against has just as much or more to do with the defense than the keeper.

AJ said...

BamaCule, Cech, Reina and Almunia are not as good as Valdés. Anyone can look good as a keeper at Arsenal, Chelshit and Liverfools play crap football, meaning they defend well and let in few goals.. VDS has more experience, but youth can also be used as an even stronger tool than experience. VV is a confidence player (like most young players/people) and thrived on it last season (well other than the crap he got from you blind people of course)

barca nike said...

agree with AJ word-by-word.

blaugrana_uk said...

i do have my doubts about valdes sometimes but its hard not to like the guy because let me just weigh in with a few opinions of my own:

1. if henry had scored that chance he got in the first 5 minutes against us in the champs league in paris the one where he got in behind marquez-puyol then that would have put a totally different spin on things.

2. if henry had put away that chance when he broke away in the second half against us in paris it would have been a different outcome.

3. if valdes had not saved the one on one v drenthe at the camp nou last season when it was 0-0 and madrid were defending for their lives the winners of the league might be different and

4. finally if vv hadnt have rushed off his line with 15odd minutes to go v man u when we had just scored our second to deny ronaldo by throwing himself at his shot we may have crumbled and lost that fnal..

so to summarize yes vv does sumtimes make silly mistakes the goal at home v espanyol comes to mind when he cleared it to de la pena or the freekick fiasco v juninho but all in all when its mattered i.e finals and big games vv has delivered the only major f****up i can ever think of was the game v liverpool a few years back when he spilt a simple header over the line. and tbh know one knows that he asked to be paid teh same as casillas that was teh media whipping up hype!!!

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