Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Maxwell happy to be re-united with Ibrahimovic

source: Aftonbladet
translated by: Dimmu

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's new 'life' at Barça does not only mean that he is making new friends. In the Eto'o deal Zlatan also got his best friend from Inter, the Brazilian full-back Maxwell Cabelino Andrade, also known as Maxwell. These two players are currently playing in their third mutual club together.

"Its very special to be with him again. We played together at Ajax, Inter and now here in Barca. We have a very good relation with each other" Maxwell said to 'Sportsbladet'. When asked if Maxwell discussed the transfer with Ibra during the January transfer window. Maxwell answered: "No, during the winter we were concentrating on winning the scudetto and the Italian cup, but at the end of the season we discussed it."

Maxwell's transfer was finalized few weeks before Zlatan's, but Maxwell was sure that Zlatan would follow him to Barca. Both of the players also share the same agent Mino Raiola: "I knew that Ibra's transfer was going to happen when I signed for Barcelona and I'm happy that it took place in the end. He brings a lot of quality to the team," said the Brazilian who is also convinced that this transfer is the best thing that could happen to both of them. "For me there is no better team to join then Barcelona. For both of us it was a very good transfer".

Maxwell has been training with Barça's squad for few weeks now and got to play for 45 minutes against LA Galaxy on Saturday, while Zlatan is still out because of his hand injury. Compared to last season with Inter, it looks like Maxwell and Ibrahimovic will get tough competition from Real Madrid for the title this season. "We will show Real that we can deal with them even though they have spend a lot of money of buying new players", said Maxwell.

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Gorga said...

Something tells me that one of these two (Ibra probably) has specifically requested the transfer of the other as a condition for his signature. Anyway, welcome aboard, boys!

ElDuroDeFCB said...

Gorga: I wouldnt be surprised if that was true, that Ibra askd for Maxwell. In a Swedish documentary about Zlatan calld "Cirkus Zlatan", Zlatan himself comfirms that he and Maxwell are Best friends. Since the time they playd in Ajax. In this documentary, you can also see Zlatan play man-vs-man against a couple och promissing swedish talents from his old neighborhood Rosengård, and then at the end och this documentary, you can see Zlatan vs Maxwel in at man man match agaisnt eachother. So yes, Zlatan and Maxwell in Barcelona together is not just something that just happend, i think Zlatan had a finger or two in the transfer ....;-)

trez said...

On the other hand: if Deportivo would have accepted the bid for Filipe, Maxwell wouldn't be here now...

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