Sunday, 28 June 2009

Laporta comments on the transfer market

Barcelona president Joan Laporta commented on the transfer events in an interview with Catalan radio station iCatfm.

*I think that Eto'o would like to stay and I would like that too.* But he has an out-of-this-world offer from Manchester City which would make him the best paid player in the world. He starts to understand that it's a crazy offer. He wants to stay but it's very difficult to reject an offer like that.

It's Txiki who has to decide if Villa would replace him. If Eto'o leaves we'll have to sign a new striker, although I also think they could perfectly play together*, certainly because it will be a long season*.

We're on the verge of finalizing the transfer. Could he be part of the Villa deal? He'll do the pre-season with us and then it's Pep Guardiola who decides which players will stay.

He's a close friend of Messi, we'll see what happens. It's a player I like a lot and I don't think it's a problem that we already have similar players like Touré and Keita, who are also going to take part in the Africa Cup.

He knows that we like him a lot but Bayern doesn't want to sell. Madrid is also interested, like we are, but we have great respect for Bayern and if they don't sell, we accept that. They know that we like him so if they change their minds, they know we want to talk *although we won't take part in a bid race*.

If Deportivo president Lendoiro talks about 20 million euro, that price is out of the market. No discussion there. Txiki made a very wise and decent offer *so if Lendoiro doesn't change his position, we won't do any further efforts*.

He won't leave on loan.

His renewal is not yet signed but everything is going well.


Je me'apelle Samuel said...

does it mean anything that he didn't mention a word about zhirkov?

Messi108 said...

Finally some answers !!
I hope it goes in this order.
Sell Eto'o --> Sign Villa for 40m+Caceres+Keirrison Loan-->Sign Zhirkov--> Sign Mascherano. And we are done !!

James said...

40m + Caceres + Keirrison loan?

In other words, we'd e paying 55 million + paying 15 million for a player for Valencia to use. 70 million for Villa...Awesome!

Real Madrid only offered 25m + Negredo, and Negredo cost them 5m.

fcbee said...

Yeah, but Negredo is now worth much more. They valued him 18, but Valencia rejected that.

And financially your list don't even come close Messi108: in Eto'o for Villa swap we already lose 10 million, so that means we only would have 25 million left to spend. I wonder how you want to pay Zhirkov and Mascherano for that? Even when they could find some extra funds that's just impossible.

HouseMD said...

Eto'o-Villa swap is the most stupid thing Barca can do this summer. I don't understand the reasons to do such a thing. As I said yesterday, selling Eto'o + extra cash + players on loan = bad transfer policy. Regarding Luis Filipe, he came suddenly out of nowhere and I didn't hear much about him, but if Depor rejected initial fee (+ their director said that they don't want Barca fringe players included in a deal) which is raised recently let's get Zhirkov. He claims that he wants to play for Barca, so why wait? I think the main reason he didn't sign for Chelsea yet is because he's waiting to see what will Barca do with LB/LW.

groga said...

Let's not forget that Guardiola asked for more players, so if guys like henrique and Caceres would leave on loan and looking at our budget, we won't have a lot more players (unless they promote some, but I don't think Guardiola was talking about that).

skanjos said...

great answers by laporta,finaly they say things right about eto,i dont want villa i dont agree that he can replace eto but he seems the only option if eto leaves...
i also want keirrison to stay ,i like him better than villa option,henry/keirrison/bojan and we are set to go dont forget that we played with messi upfront alot this year too,paying so much for villa isnt a good option,give more minutes to keirrison and bojan who will both evolve as players with the years passing

why do we have to spend for a huge named striker i dont get it,just keep keirrison sell eto and go with that money for mascherano and other possitions,
good news on bojan AGAIN,the filipe option seems to getting out of hand recenlty.

the bad thing is he didnt talk about a LF target asaid ribery who we know its not possible this summer.

R10FCB said...

not sure if its true but according to this site eto'o is on the verge of siging for man city.

Messi108 said...

I feel they're just playing the field and giving the perception that they won't spend big. If you act like you have nothing to spend then nobody rips you off. I think when the time comes they'll spend the money they need to improve the team.
U think Txiki and laporta haven't claculated the amount before making the move for so mnay players ?
As for keirrison, i feel its best to loan him to Valencia where he'll be a sure starter. They are a club fighting for the top 4 so that ll be a big enough challenge for him and later we can get him once he has gained enough experience.

barca4life said...

Notice the part about Bojan NOT LEAVING ON LOAN. I dont get what is the rush to sell etoo to get villa. Etoo wants CL football i would think at this age, so i dont really see him going to city. I think we should just keep Keirrison, renew etoo have a lineup of

Messi Etoo Henry - Bojan Keirrison Pedro/Jeffren/Gai

Sell Hleb to get the EU spot for Keirrison, Maybe sell Guddy

Promote thiago and bring in another CM

Xavi Iniesta Toure Keita Sergi Thiago + 1 more

Loan out caceres and bring back Henrique

Abidal Milito Puyol Pique Marquez Henrique Dani and either bring in a LB or Promote Botia/Muniesa

Anonymous said...

Belarus is part of Europe isn't it? Hleb has been living in Europe is whole life, how come he doesn't count as a Euro player?

barca4life said...

Belarus is part of the europe but not of the EU. You have to live in a country a certain length of time to get citizenship and then apply, i dont know how long it takes in germany and england but the best info i have is that hleb is taking up one of the 3 non-eu spots

ograsrot said...

So no Ibrahimovic?

Villa is a great player, but isn't he kind of similar to Eto'o, in style of play and characteristics?

Ibra, he brings another game, with his size and strenght.

NC4Barca said...

Hey, any idea on how Zhirkov deal is working out? Coz i read in an article he will presented by Cheslea in the first week of July, even though I was hearing contradicting statements from the player himself that he loves to play for Barca.

barca4life said...

Word was he was close to chelsea. I dont think we were even close to making an offer for zhirkov it was more just him saying he loved barca, but then arshavin said the same thing and then said he didnt want to work with the "inexperienced" pep and he'd rather work with wenger. I think chelsea are supposed to sign him soon from all reports even those in spain.

NC4Barca said...

Oh..thats sad to hear about Zhirkov...But i wonder how a player who loves Barca philosophy can even think of playing for Chelsea, after seeing what they did with UCL Semi..Money talks!!!

BTW, Arshavin will be regretting for not joining Barca for what he thought about Pep!! He missed out an opportunity to be a part of Barca history..too bad for him..

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