Friday, 29 May 2009

Possible pre-agreement between Hleb and Bayern

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona attacker and Barcelona attacker and Belarusian international Alexander Hleb (28) could have reached a pre-agreement with Bayern Munich (read more here).

Hleb would want to leave Barcelona this summer because he feels that he won't be able to gain a place in the team. The fact that Barcelona manager Guardiola surprisingly decided not to include him in the match list for the Champions league final and to give preference to Pedro and youth player Muniesa, confirmed for the player that the coach isn't counting on him.

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Anonymous said...

i hope that barcelona continue to perform, but to keep on that we need a bigger squad taking in account that next season we will be in 4 competitions (liga, copa del rey, CL and the CLUBS WORLD UP) plus 2 super cups.
I think that it's very important to sign the new player earlier to focus only on play in the pre-season.
i say that coz 2 of our targets for the next season are gone (Gurcouff signed for 4 years with Bordeaux so as Zirkov who just signed this morning with Chelsea) and if we didn't move on quickly for Ribery be4 madrid's elections with Perez and Zidane ready to sign him for 60 million € ‹ if they win witch will 99.99% happen, we will see him performing for them next season.

My wishes for next season :

Players in:
Defence: Asenjo, Henrique, Srna(2 millions his buy out), Taiwo, Dmytro Chygrynskyy (this Sakhtar player is a world class defender, only 23 years old)
Midfield: Ribery (FOR ANY THING), promote Gai, Thiago and Xavi Torres
Attack: Trezeguet for 1 or 2 years coz i think we need his power and headers inside the box to get the most from the crosses and corners in some of the games against the teams that park the bus (they will be a lot next year) we can land him for less than 10 millions. promote Jefferen (good talent)

Players out:
Defence: Victor Sanchez on loan, Caceres on loan just if Milito get back to his form
Midfield: Hleb (i like him but i don't think that he'll adapte to barca's style)
Attack: Pedro (great technician but i don't think he'll add something to the squad next year)

THAT's my wishes, not expensive (excepts Ribery) but very good and positive for the team, we don't need stars coz we already have the best players in the world in every position, but we need players who will help, accept to be rotated without complaining, and compete in what will barca's biggest challenge ( defend the 3 trophies and another 3 cups "world cup, spanish super cup and european super cup" )


Zeli said...

))..Very interesting...Can you only explain what will do together Asenjo, Henrique, Srna(2 millions his buy out), Taiwo, Dmytro Chygrynskyy and also Puyol, Pique, Milito, Marquez, Abidal, Alves? And have you heard anything about Botia, Muniesa?

Anonymous said...

sergio asenjo was singed by according to

inieeeeeesta said...

deeeeeeeeeeeimn, i really hoped zhirkov was the one for barça, really! with him we didn't need any leftie anymore. Then we should had bought only a talented striker and maybe a defensive midfielder (touré and keita AC)

now i really hope for a silva, fabregas or vargas!

Aussie Barca Fan said...

He should have at least made the bench for the final. He at least deserved that. This is the only criticism I have of Pep. Anyone in Hleb's position would be angry and no longer want to stay at the club. I feel for him. He hasn't fit in this season but that does not mean he is not a quality player. Others before him have struggled in their first season at Barca. At the end of the day Pep decides the squad and I will still respect his decision.

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