Thursday, 14 May 2009

Future of Bojan will be looked at in the summer

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18) with a summer loan move to a team like Blackburn, Tottenham, Almería or Deportivo (read more here), the player's agent Zoran Vekic has said in an interview with British sports site Setanta that Bojan is not looking for an exit:

"No, there is nothing. Now it is not possible. In 15 days there are possible talks with Barcelona but now it is not possible to speak to another club. Bojan is very happy in Barcelona and it is not possible now to change club. So no, he would not want to go to England."

Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain meanwhile confirmed in an interview with British sports site Sky Sports that the club has been sounded out on Bojan and will look at the striker's situation at the end of the season: "We have received calls asking about the situation of Bojan but it is still not decided. The opinion of Guardiola is the key."

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hamad_ali said...

pure class finishing yesterday and only from 2 clear shots for the lad .
seriously when people say that we should sign a striker to replace etoo when he goes to the african cup while we have a world class ( YES , WORLD CLASS!!! ) striker like bojan on our bench , the kid showed loyalty and patience , and he scores whenever called uppon , i think we should reward him with more minutes.

rory said...

while i'm not sure he's world class YET (he played very well in the finals), I do agree...we should think long term. eto'o and bojan as a pair of strikers is hard to improve upon both in terms of quality but also in terms of long-term health of the club.

barca really reloaded well last off season with young players in positions of need/age. I'm not sure that making a big move this summer is not going to turn out to be cutting off the nose to spite the face. That is, adding a big name will certainly help for the next year or two, but might lead to a situation where we have to let a promising young player go because we crowded him out.

Unless we can get rid of Hleb. then i'll take it!

plus, pep doesn't look to be the type to change the lineup much, which means depth might not be as helpful.

it's the type of problem I like to have, tho!

raidall said...

come on you guys let's be realistic he is going to be a great player but he is not ready to be a back up for eto'o he has still to learn alot. loan him out to england let him become very strong and then we can get him back

and i know he won't fail like dos santos cuz i have faith in him he is going to be a great player after 2 years( like torres)

we need someone on who we can depend someone like keirrison. a lot of big clubs are after him
i hope barca don't sleep because he has everything that barca needs.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Loan him out to Blackburn ? I would tip them to be relegated at the end of next season.

I like the effort Bojan is putting in and his commitment. It seems to me has also had a go at trying to bulk up. His balance is good so he only needs to add a bit more strength which is likely to happen in course of one year.

KluivertsBoots said...

If he does go on loan, and I don't think he needs to, send him somewhere in Spain. I believe he will stay. He is too good of a prospect to let him follow the Giovani model. We need to develop his skills totally at Barca. It would be a waste to even loan him, especially to a place where he is not accustomed to the style or culture.

Iason said...

Bojan isn't ready yet to lead the front line. Maybe in 2 or 3 years but for now we should keep Eto'o or get David Villa to replace him for the African Cup.

HH said...

He is still not good at decide quickly enough yet. He has the talent, but sometimes he is too slow to decide that makes him lose the ball. The last goal he scored againt Athletic where he had plenty of time to make a descision and it was a very smart one. No doubt he will become a better striker with time, and I hope this to be happened soon :-)

That's what I have seen about Bojan.

cruelsong said...

@HH :
i think that's why he needs more minutes, he'll know when to make the right decision. don't u think ?

just don't sell him, he shows the commitment, even with lack of minutes

thebackseatstrangler said...

you guys have forgotten to mention the minor detail that he was playing on the wing


which is where rijkaard placed him in the first season.

Anonymous said...

I think he's a modern day Michael Owen, so maybe Barcelona should send out some feelers to Newcastle, pair him with someone who could really give Bojan some tips on improving, and making use of size.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that Pep prefers the other young players like Pedro or Gai to Bojan? It seems that Pep always tries to use the players from the youth team because he has (too much ) confidence in them (though Bojan used to be one of his players as well).

Bojan deserves more minutes but it depends on Pep.

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