Sunday, 2 August 2009

Poll result: Next priority signing

This is the final result of this blog's What should now be the priority signing for Barcelona? poll:

1. Defensive midfielder 32%
2. Left winger 27%
3. Attacking midfielder 27%
4. Central defender 8%
5. None of above/Don't know 6%

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jester[HUN] said...

Barca need players like Mascherano,Fabregas and 3-4 from Barca B.
My list:
Gui Assulin
J dos Santos
and maybe

because sucker madrid have bought many players and many good players
I say if we can buy Sneijder/Robben cheap we should buy them because the season will be very hard.

LD said...

robben is an egoistic, diving, fruitless-for-team-crap, who has nothing to do with success, as many other dutch players too these times.
not because he's a real-player, but because his s***

Don Luis said...

Franck Ribery next summer!

His heart is in Barcelona. its that his agent and freaking zidane wants him to join Real Madrid...

Ribery will inherit the #7 jersey when Guddy leaves this or next summer.

Anonymous said...

I would forget about ribery. With zidane there it will be hard to refuse an offer from madrid. The french legends influence is too great.

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