Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Poll result: 2009-2010 league goals Ibrahimovic

This is the final result of this blog's How many league goals will Ibrahimovic score this season?

more than 40: 8%
36-40: 6%
31-35: 18%
26-30: 33%
21-25: 27%
20 or less: 8%

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Anonymous said...

expectations are way too high.

If he scores more than 20, then its a great season.

32% expect more than 30? 14% even more than 35? good luck.

HellNo said...

@anony what are you talking about it says 33% say he will score 26-30 not >30! This isn't unrealistic because he has great midfielders to feed him passes and he is the lone striker along with two wingers. He is always in front and in front of goal and scoring 26 goals in like 38-50 games isn't unrealistic

Jerry_prez said...

@HellNo: Do you know to do the calculation???
40+: 8%
36-40: 6%
31-35: 18%
Sum up those ==> 32% expect him to score more than 30 goals.

I just expect that he can score more than 20 goals for his first season, that's an acceptable number.

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