Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Fan Pictures: Galaxy-Barcelona (Part 2)

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Allan, who attended the preseason friendly versus the Los Angeles Galaxy, shares some of his photos from the match.

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see more fan pictures here


Aeneas said...

Special thanks for the pictures. The quality is excellent. Thanks again!

Zeli said...

felling like i'm sitting on this game.. thanks very much for quality!

Helge said...

Wow, even a nice firework.
Must have been a great atmosphere in the stadium.
The stadium looks pretty "flat", but nevertheless there are up to ~94.000 spectators. It must be a completely different feeling to follow a game in such a stadium compared to the European, rather high built stadiums.

Oh, and since when are Henry and Beckham such good friends? I've seen quite some pictures of both together, hugging each other or making jokes.

Anonymous said...

excellent pictures. thanks allan!


fcbee said...

Great pics!

groga said...

Quality pictures, shows us soem of the atmosphere, thanks!

HellNo said...

@Aeneas actually the stadium was VERY VERY alive. The fans were dynamic, cheered Barcelona, booed Beckham...(Until he scored that freekick)When Messi was on the field, the crowd chanted his name profoundly. The same followed for every prestigious player of Barca. I enjoyed going to this game greatly, and it felt like it lasted for hours.
BTW I took these photos, and have like 500 in total. If you want to see more let me know and I will submit more to this blog.
my email is:
Thanks alot for all the positive feedback.

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