Tuesday, 4 August 2009

FC Barcelona flying with rented airplane

FC Barcelona has rented an airplane and a cabin crew from Finnish airline Finnair including 13 persons for it's US tour. Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat writes that the MD-11 has been used on Asian routes.

The airplane has 36 business class seats, so every player gets to sit comfortably. But the on flight schedule is strict and well-planned. After one and a half hour got to eat a chicken-pasta, and after that they had to rest for three hours. After the rest the players once again got to eat, now corn flakes, yoghurt, toast and fresh fruits, and then got to sleep for two more hours. When they woke up, they had to manage to the rest of the trip with a roastbeef meal.

The plane lifted from Helsinki on Tuesday, with the Barça emblems on it's side. Finnair's head of communications Taneli Hassinen tells the newspaper when asked that the price is a deal between Finnair and FC Barcelona. Still sources to the newspaper claims that the price is about 300000-400000 euros.


AMJ said...



JR said...

When seeing the pictures of the plain with the Barça logo and Catalan flag I was already wondering if they had invested in an airplane.

This is a good thing though, this way organisation is perfect and the players can travel in the most comfortable way possible.

Nicholas Gaffney said...

puyol has a nice phone

Anonymous said...

Do they get tucked into bed and fall asleep to bedtime stories as well?

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