Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Juventus hopes Barcelona will sign Poulsen

Italian sports paper Tuttosport claims that Juventus still hopes that Barcelona will end up signing Juventus midfielder and Danish international Christian Poulsen (29) later this month if other options would fail.

The Italian club wants to be released of the 3 million euro a year contract of Poulsen and now hopes that Barcelona, that will have to deal with the absences of Touré and Keita during the Africa Cup next year, or Liverpool, that might need to replace Xabi Alonso, will try to transfer Poulsen in the coming weeks.

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Sanur said...

Well we don't care what you hope because I say you can keep your hopeless players. We are the champions of Europe not match riggers so you can take your hope to somewhere else not here please.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

We could offer Juvy 4 million, and offer Poulsen a 2 million euro salary. :) Our squad is small, it's not a bad idea to get some depth. He's played in La Liga, but he's not worth much, especially with his salary.

Anonymous said...

I think Guardiola himself would do a much better job in DM for us than Poulsen. Put the jersey on Pep, your football shoes are always on in practice!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I have to agree about Pep, lol. "Pep, we can't find a proper midfielder to bring in what do we do?" "Ever heard of a player/manager Joan?"

But seriously, I don't think Poulsen is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Damn, we sign poulsen, the sign Xabi

Anonymous said...

Damn, we won the treble, they won nothing

LeónDragón said...

all know that he's crap, even juve, hope our board knows too.
he has nothing, except his unfair tackling.
don't think or hope, that he's the right man for barca. never liked these types of players

Sune said...

Poulsen is being underrated a bit I think.

He had an unfortunate start at Juventus where he had to sit out for more than half of their season because of an injury. When he was ready again, other players like Sissokho had filled his position so he didn't get much playing time.

He's still playing well for the national team and I dont think hes a worse player than he was at Sevilla, he's not the kind that drops in form mentally.

Since he's so unpopular right now we could get him cheap and I don't think he'd dissapoint. He's not Graversen.
I'm danish and I was flabbergasted when Real signed Graversen, I knew he was absolutely talentless and overrated. Poulsen isn't Graversen, he's not just a dumb brute that roughs people up. He's got some football brain. For 1 or 2 million euro i think its worth it to give him a shot.

E6 said...

If he isn`t a starter in juve, he won`t start in barca and will be bigger flop than Hleb. Our youth players like Jonathan and Rueda are better than him. And also Pep has said that we won`t buy a backup player, only somebody who can be in starting 11.
Cuz RM bought Alonso, we don`t have chance getting Mascherano, so we won`t buy any DMF and look for CMF or LW. Busquets can handle DMF in january and also there are no CL at that time. Probably Mali will be eliminated in group stage so Keita will come back earlier and can cover DMF.
Those who think that barca don`t have much money left, you`re wrong. Laporta has said that he will get money for important player we need, even from his own pockets, main point that the team will win. So what if we are in debt with couple of millions. With those new sponsors and trophys we win, we get this money back in no time.

Nite said...

E6 think like Pep.....

come january for footballs sake African Nations Cup 2010 Final

Ivory Coast - Mali

busquets got injured for some reason
and we are bang head to head with madrid for 1st place then what would you do....?????

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