Sunday, 2 August 2009

Henry impressed by American crowd

Barcelona players Thierry Henry and Pedro shared their thoughts with the club's official media and journalists after yesterday's friendly game against Los Angeles Galaxy.

Thierry Henry
"It's amazing to see a crowd like that especially in America. They were tremendous. Galaxy gave us a great game, they are fully involved in their league while we're still in pre-season. Becks scored a great free-kick. It was disappointing to hear the boos.

Ibrahimovic? He's an amazing guy. He's an amazing player with great skills. He's going to be a great asset to us, hopefully we can have him as early as possible. I'm looking forward to playing with him."

"At this moment, we're all doing fine, we keep on working. That so many people come out to see us is something to be gratful for and it's a good motivation for us. I have more or less the same feeling as last year's pre-season and now I'm also lucky to score.

We're very happy for the season we had last year, but we'll have to work hard this season. Let's see if we can win all titles that are in play. I think Messi is doing good, the thing is that the opponents get to know him better."

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LeónDragón said...

for those who passed it and want to see the game against galaxy

LeónDragón said...

it's divided in 8 parts, so you have to scroll down (window under the clip)

buj said...

Thanks a mill leon. You're a god sent. Missed the match due to a wedding. Heck I miss the live chat even more.

LeónDragón said...

thanx buj, quality is not the best, but missed it too, so, better than nothing :)

Anonymous said...

yep Pep is right. Every team nowadays is obsessed to stop Leo. Hopefully Leo keeps the move even better.

FCB_fR3aK said...

Thanks a LOT leon .. i couldnt catch the live telecast but thanks for sharing the link .. saw teh whole game. !

LeónDragón said...

FCB fR3aK, no, thank you and buj, for your kind words.
also missed the game, as i was lucky too, with this link, able to watch it.

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