Sunday, 2 August 2009

Barcelona training on set pieces

In their last training session ahead of the game against Los Angeles Galaxy, Barcelona spent yesterday an hour and a half working on tactics, with particular emphasis on defending set pieces.

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kjs said...

Kinda ironic that the one goal we gave up WAS a set piece.

buj said...

That kind of set pieces can't be defended against except for the keeper alertness and positioning. That was a perfect freekick.

What the players can do is prevent them and be alert for the rebound. And try to catch opposing players for offside.

Etsp said...

The problem there was Henrique's nervousness, his decision to plunge into that tackle was obviously a result of that. I can't really see Guardiola keeping him this year.

Iason said...

Overall, I think we defended badly against set pieces in the first half. I think L.A. won all their headers from corners and free kicks and crosses except for maybe two or three and if they had better finishing, they could have won the game. I hope they take a few days to work on set pieces as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Iason: It is difficult when half the team is 1.70m.

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