Sunday, 2 August 2009

Guardiola satisfied with spirit

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola shared his thoughts after the Los Angeles Galaxy friendly game at a press conference:

"We've played a very good game against a team that is playing league games for several months and that is physically very strong. We've proved we're making progress. I saw a motivated team, we've kept the same spirit as last season.

In the first half we had chances to score more. We've made mistakes too, but now we've seen them and we can work on some things. In the second we played better, although without as much width. In the end, it was a good test. Nobody got injured and everyone got some playing time, which is important.

Maxwell played as well as everyone else. He has adapted very well, and we can see that in training He's a good guy and if that's the case, the rest follows. I can say the same for the youth players, they are being helped by the older ones. Now all we need is to incorporate Iniesta and Ibrahimovic. There were a lot of fans out there. It shows that this club is alive and that it was a good idea to do the tour."

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fab4barca said...

i like ur talk in our young players; Don Santos can be our next Xavi in d future...

Marc4barca said...

lol "Don Santos can be our next Xavi in d future* this is coming from a cesc fan. he got long to go before he can be claimed the next xavi.

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