Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Abidal motivated by transfer of Maxwell

Asked about the transfer of Brazilian left back defender Maxwell, Barcelona player Eric Abidal has said at a press conference that this means an extra motivation for him:

"There's no competition between the two of us. We're here to help the team. We play at the same position so we both have to work hard.

Whoever will play, we will give our very best. It sure is an extra motication for me to become better. He'll make thigns more difficult. And that's good because I like to work and with a quality player like him around I will have to work even harder to stay ahead. He has a different way of playing, that's true. But I'm not Brazilian, you know."

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Anonymous said...

Abidal should be on the start line. He screwed up twice last season, but he is still an excellent left back. Maxwell is sub in Inter and should not make in the start line in Barca.

Anonymous said...

Mourinho prefer defensive full-backs, so Maxwell wasn't his cup of tea.

SimonP said...

Yeah that's why Maicon is warming up the bench too....

Wait! He's not! I agree with first comment, Abidal is overall a better player. The reason Maxwell were benched in Inter and the reason that he will be in Barcelona spells Maicon and Dani Alves. You need balance in the team with two laterais like that.

Anonymous said...

SimonP: Abidal is not a better player. But if Maxwell is benched, it is not because Abidal is better, but because as you say, we need more defensive power.

Anonymous said...

It would be a matter of time when Maxwell takes over at the LB position . He is simply a better overall player than Abidal !!

Sune said...

Thats not true Anon. Abidal is potentially among the best LB in the world. He's dropped in form the last two seasons, but before that when he was starter for France he was an elite LB.
I don't really care who becomes the starter as they both can be potentially great - I'm just glad we have both, to motivate Abidal and to fill in when he gets injured and suspended.

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