Thursday, 2 October 2008

Barça B - Youth: Chelsea talks with father Thiago

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Chelsea is interested in Barcelona Atlètic attacking midfielder and Spanish youth international Thiago Alcántara (17 - picture) and his younger brother, Barcelona Cadete A midfielder and Spanish youth international Rafael "Rafa" Alcántara (15).

Chelsea head scout for Spain and Portugal, Juan Cruz Sol, has talked yesterday with former Brazilian international and Valencia defensive midfielder Mazinho, the father of the two players. The meeting took place in Madrid, where Rafa was training with the Spanish U-16 national team.

Speaking in name of Chelsea, Cruz Sol asked about the situation of Thiago and Rafa and about their possible interest of joining the English Premier League club.

Manchester United, Liverpool and several other European top clubs would also be closely following the evolution of the two brothers (read more

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jester said...

don't let him go!!!+!

pep said...

Could you try to limit your "!" and "?" a little, Jester? Thanks!

jester said...

why???+? pep???+?
you don't like it!!!+!

James said...

Fifa really needs to setup clearer rules and regulations regarding youth transfers. Rules that all clubs have to abide by if they are to enter European competitions. This is just getting ridiculous. It's not like we're Getafe or Betis. When one of the biggest clubs in the world can't even keep their youngsters something's wrong with the system.

Anonymous said...

Don't owrry guys, we will not let him go. Besides Thiago has a contract already as he is 17 and we will surely offer him a new contract when he turns 18. Thiago and Gai are untouchable. As for Rafa, he will likely stay since Thiago is staying.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst case of taping up players and of course Chelsea or Arsenal are always involved. Ban these clubs Platini!

SJP said...

i'm getting sick of this. why cant united, chelsea, liverpool etc use some of the money being thrown at them to improve their own youth system and stop trying to unsettle our young talents. i agree that fifa need to do something so this doesnt keep happening. not sure what but maybe something like not allowing foreign youngsters to sign for a club, other than the one that trains them and brings them through, like we did with messi, until they are 18.

Anonymous said...

fuck off EPL clubs!!
raise your own plyaers.

Dan R said...

in the premier league they cant sign Under 18 players from south america...

they should change it for all european clubs so that they can only sign Under 18 who play in their own country...

pep said...

That would be against European law, Dan. European citizens should be treated the same, whatever their nationality...

You could get an exception to that rule but the European commission doesn't seem willing to accept one for football.

Ramzi said...

I think the best way that it may go is to consider youth academies as...well...academies!
meaning when the youth start training, the contact has to be made with his parents, that the club will train him and take no Tuitions in return, but instead weaver the tuition costs registered as Account receivable, when the boy sign his first professional contract with the club.
anytime the youth move to another team, before the first contract, his family have to pay back the tuitions to the club.
the tuition value is subject to agreement that take place originally, the club set their tuitions based on their own interest, and the parents choose the academy that suit them most.
or else, it will be the same old story, every one taking the youth of everyone, with no exceptions, ask the teams of south America!

Marc said...

Come on Ramzi.. then clubs would just give the parents money to payback the parent club whatever they owed for tuition and room and board.. we're talking max a couple hundred thousand euro..which super club wouldnt pay that to steal the best talent from us ?!!!!

I think all clubs should be required to register 10 homegrown players ( 6 from your own academy ... with a minimum of four years training before the age of 18 and four who have been trained in your home country before the age of 18 for minimum of four years).. Then you add another wrinkle that puts a restriction on clubs purchasing players outside of their home country who are under the age of 15..._ this forces clubs to Scour their own countries for talent and develop their own talent !!!!! Sure you can go buy that new 16 or 17 yearold superstar or steal him from another club but the penalty is that he doesnnt count as homegrown.. and you can only have so many of those players. That coupled with the existing cap on non EU players will force clubs to focus on developing their own talent rather than stealing .. ..there will still be some stealing... but the price of stealing has gone up !!

Ramzi said...

The thousands of dollars are for our management academies Marc:)
The idea is to tie up a contract with the parents who legally can sign under, The club can demand the amount that suit them, and who care who will pay it if the academy team will get it.

forcing the teams to have fixed quota of local players raised in ur academy will ruin those u don't expect, the poor small teams:) they cant afford having academies, specially if they r in small cities.

Tying a contract with parents is the key, because aside of agents, parents are usually the source of trouble :*

Marc said...

"The idea is to tie up a contract with the parents who legally can sign under, The club can demand the amount that suit them, and who care who will pay it if the academy team will get it."

One problem...... from the kids perspective.. this is entrapment. ...and its illegal ;)

Dan R said...

A Contract seems to be the only way.

But not a payment contract or such,
but a contract who states this:
"You cant leave the club as long as we do for you 'such & such' or this contract expires".
or maybe appoint a FIFA official who will be an arbitrator that will decide if one side violated the terms of the contract.
and if the player or the parents do not accept, let him go! who cares?

Really, was it worth to grow a player like Fabregas, Fran Merida or Pacheko, just to see them leave the club? id rather see them evolve somewhere else then to see the get poached by these English bastards!

Sigh... i dont know im just throwing ideas in the air its obvious nothing will happen, and we will keep getting poached.

Marc said...

I think this is where fifa and the respective FA's should step in and start fining people/rewarding over issues that concern player poaching. give the FA's more uefa co-efficient points for having a league with the most home grown players starting.. or something.. but most importantly.. when there is a case for poaching a player from club.. the penalty should be a transfer ban for a year or two..... see how the clubs like that!!!.. Like arsenal... instead of fifa just awarding compensation.. arsenal should have gotten a transfer ban for a year.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hypocrites, what the English teams do to Spanish teams is exactly what Spanish teams do to South American teams, most of the time under more dubious circumstances and for a lot less money!!!

Ramzi said...

Anony and who told you we want to protect only "big Spanish teams"?
not only teams in south America suffer that, do u know Regina case with Chelsea?

If you think about it, u will easily figure out that managing this issue will be for the favor of the poor teams and south America teams more than any other sides, because big teams if failed to buy youngsters they have enough funds to buy accomplished stars, but for poor teams their only hope is to be protected, so that discussion is more for the favor of the poor teams you are carrying their case.

And Marc what you r suggesting regarding co-officient is something already been discussed in UEFA, and still on the table, but if u ask me, its still too theoretical the way it is raised, and its too complicated to be applied.

I think one of the things to be dont urgently is to make an agreement for the age when clubs can offer official contracts to young players, it has to be the same every where, that will solve a part of the case.

tie a contract with the family is not illegal marc, its like when u get a loan to pay ur son tuition in school, when the youth turn old enough for a contract, he will be still under 18, if his parents want to take him to another club then let that club pay the "release clause" accepted by the parent, if u don't want to call it tuition :)
I am not good with law and stuff so I cant really tell, but thats how i see it.

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