Monday, 3 August 2009

Top 10 buyout clauses

This is the top ten of the highest buyout clauses:

Cristiano Ronaldo
Karim Benzema

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Lionel Messi
Andrés Iniesta
Iker Casillas
Sergio Ramos
David Villa

(all fees are in millions of euro)


pep said...

Henry is 11th with 125.

Zeli said...

interesting..what about salary)?

Anurag said...

I guess Messi will be second in the pecking order now, with 300 million (w00t!!) on his new ctr. Doubt even Perez will pay that sorta money.

LOL at Raul, hes not worth one thousandth of that.

mike in africa said...

LOL at Anurag. he IS worth more than one thousandth of that, GET SELIAS!

Anonymous said...

Players in Madrid get lower salaries too. They don't give the players 100% of image rights like we do. Why don't we get 1000m buy-out clause for our players too? Well, we all know our negotiators suck, whether it is transfers or salaries.

Anonymous said...

If there is one RM-playerr whom i truely respect it's Raul..

Not a big star, always doing his job, working for his club en loving every minute of it. Even if it's the wrong team, you've got to admire that..

skanjos said...

pep only la liga players?

groga said...

Raul's club is Atletico.

pep said...


most other big leagues don't seem to have the habit of buyout clauses. maybe it's even forbidden in some countries?

i'm not going there, that's too much guessing, these clauses are more or less public information, salaries are private and too complicated anyway with bonuses and incentives and parts of image rights, we will never know.

rayaa said...

messi got 300 million buyoutclause

fcbee said...

Not yet, rayaa. The negotiations didn't even start yet.

Marc4barca said...

first anon we don't need to give our players 1000 buy out clause we don't have to out do real madrid in everything. 1000 buy out clause just means less trust in the players and utter stupidness. real madrid players get huge salaries, image rights takes away from things like shirt sales, commercials, sponsorship deals etc not from what they make a match.

Sanur said...


"LOL at Raul, hes not worth one thousandth of that"

Its funny innit after all that his done he is nowhere near, just goes to prove how shit Madrid treat their own (LIKE DIRT CLOTH) Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

seems arbitary to me. case in pt 1000 for benzema lol guy hasnt even proven himself in a top league.


BarcaTiger said... the buyout clause of Benzema, Kaka, and Ronaldo is 1000 million...AKA 1 billion dollars/euros? That seems to be a bit ridiculous to me

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