Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Medical: Injury scares for Messi and Alves

According to Catalan paper Sport, Barcelona midfielder and Argentinian international Lionel Messi (22) along with Barcelona right back and Brazilian international Dani Alves (26) both suffered injury scares today while training in Seattle.

Messi would have been in an accidental collision with Barcelona goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto (33) and required assistance from the medical staff. Fortunately, after bandages were applied to his right instep, Messi was able to continue exercising reguarly.

Dani Alves would have also suffered a fall and required treatment on his right hand. He too was able to resume training after being bandaged.

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_barcelonista_ said...

that is whay we need some reinforcments..
we should buy fabregas..if xavi or iniesta suffer injury we in very very bad position..with hleb in stuttgart and maybe guddy in england..

p.s. i read sth about fabregas linking with milan..

hawk_barca_4_life said...

good its no serious thks

but its best we get the injury scare before transfer season gets over so pep will have time to decide if he needs back up and trixi can sign one !!!!!!!!!

fcb_india said...

i dnt think the rumour about cesc going milan is true.. but we should give some serious thought on getting him... he can be a great sub for xavi, iniesta and if anyone is needed at the wings iniesta will have the option to go up

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

AC Milan cannot afford anyone. There's no way the will get Cesc. They can only dream about him for the next few years.

Anonymous said...

Only two players in Milan are younger than 40 years old, so they obviously need someone like Cesc, but they can't afford it.

We were lucky in this training, but who would we play if Messi and Alves both were out for 3 months.

trez said...

"Only two players in Milan are younger than 40 years old"


Anonymous said...

We should buy fabregas but loan him out too arsenal for 1 yr (max 2 yrs) because his price will goo up next yr. id like too see barca trying to buy hunterlarr good att midfield

LeónDragón said...

ac milan, has become a shadow of the past.
a giant lead by dwarfs.
they should have their own stadium called "jurassic park".
once a scary opponent for barca, now, maybe, good trainingpartners for our barca-b-team

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