Monday, 3 August 2009

Keirrison: "I try to keep things simple"

Barcelona loan-out and Benfica forward Keirrison gave an interview to Portuguese sports paper A Bola.

What did you mean - at the press conference when you were presented - when you said: "It was I who chose Benfica"?
I just wanted to make clear to the fans the respect I have for this club. My agents had other offers, but I didn't want to listen of any of them once I heard about Benfica.

I know the club, back in Brazil I saw a lot of games of Benfica. I watched all European leagues. And the information I got was all very positive.

What were your first impressions when you arrived here?
In the first place, Lisbon is a beautiful city. Then, you have the Estádio da Luz stadium... I won't give any further comments, it's just perfect. In addition, they say that the training centre is very good. And the treatment I received from the club was excellent.

Was it the best thing for you to join Barcelona at this point in your career?
It was a decision taking into account everything, including the chance to acquire European experience at another club during my first year. Benfica sure is the right club to get to know European football. In two days time, I feel like I've almost adapted already.

What do you think of coach Jorge Jesus?
A good person, he explained me what he expects of the team and what my role will be. I feel that I will have the freedom to discuss all aspects of the game with him.

But do you have the feeling that the club sees your arrival as an important transfer?
Yes, I do. I feel a great responsibility for having arrived at a club like Benfica being only 20 years old.

Do you like to score penalties?
I am an expert. But I am also trying to become an expert in free kicks. I try to be a complete striker, because in some games you cannot score during normal play, so then you should be able to score in another way...

What is your strongest point?
My coolness in front of the goal. I don't need much time to think when I'm in the box, I can think and execute quickly, often at the first touch. I am very determined and I rarely have the feeling of having made a bad choice during a game.

It is therefore that you admire Romário so much? He marked a lot of goals like that, with just one touch...
Precisely. Pele is also my idol, but I only saw Romário live. I grew up learning from his game, wanting to be and to act like him. Romário scored many beautiful goals, but his specialty was the first touch, kicking the ball with his toe. His football was simple and mine is too. The fact that I've played futsal helps me. I try to keep things simple, because in Europe there is not much time when you are in the penalty area. I've always tried to play a simple type of football because I already was thinking about coming to Europe. And now I'm here...

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Anonymous said...

this keirrison guy talks too much, as if hes the next big thing in the world, after all this talk if he fails to make it he won't even be able to show his face...

thats is why kid talk less and show wat u are made of on the pitch and don't try to overhype urself for godsake...

Anonymous said...

he didn't even play today in a friendly. There are TOO MUCH strikers in Benfica. This transfer is going to be a big disappointment.

Aeneas said...

I think he came on in the 70th minute

Ekar said...


Brazil 2014 world cup: Brazil


Anonymous said...

Ekar: Good humour! Romario is the third best Brazilian in history, after Pele and Garrincha!

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