Monday, 3 August 2009

First training session of Ibrahimovic

New Barcelona player Zlatan Ibrahimovic took this morning part in his first training session with Barcelona. The Swedish striker was welcomed by his team-mates with loud applause.

When the exercises became more intense, Ibrahimovic trained apart from the group with physical coach Juanjo Brau. The player's recovery predictions nevertheless haven't changed and he is still expected to make his debut during the Joan Gamper Trophy game against Manchester City on 19 August.

watch a video of the first training session of Ibrahimovic here

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fcbee said...

Let's get the party started...

culer said...

Good to see him out there, you can bet he's crazy to start training with the group and linking up with all these great players.

LeónDragón said...

as a technically strong and creative player he can help and support our team, make it playing more attractive and hopefully successful.
i'm happy, he joined us, but let's see, if he can score like etoo did, as i'm also wise enough to know that they are two different type of players, but i think with etoo gone, it could be, that exactly this type could be missed.
to say, it was all on xavi and iniesta, is a little too easy, as you have to use your many chances and at least turn them to goals, even at games, when things not going well, as etoo did like a cameroonian romario.
have no doubt at the moment, that he will fit in, but for me, etoo will stay unreachable, as more, when i watch the clip, barca4life, putted in here in memory of etoo.
but hope, zlatan has also an own style of explosion and blast like etoo, to lead us there, where we all want to the top of world's football.

clive said...

a bit short, but got me sooo excited to see him running in barca's shirt! thanks!!

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