Sunday, 2 August 2009

Barcelona still interested in Mata

Spanish football site Futbolitis claims that Barcelona is still interested in Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Mata (21).

Although Valencia would have rejected starting negotiations before, a deal might be possible later this summer since Valencia would still be in need of money. The financial situation would also be the reason why the club cannot offer Mata the contract renewal the attacker had been promised. A transfer could be possible for a fee between 15 and 20 million euro, although a left winger is at this moment not a priority for Barcelona.

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Anonymous said...

every player they come up with is not a priority ,then who is our priority?!

Amir said...

lets go get hulk!!
he's way better than mata

Anonymous said...

Buy Mata...

fab4barca said...

titi nd inesta or jeff nd pedro can play LW. so lets look 4 DM ; macherano

BarcaNext said...

Go for Di Maria, who is better than Mata.

Jigga said...

I am happy to inform you that the Barca team for 09/10 season is complete and we will not be buying any more players.

2 youth players from the team that is in L.A will be dropped to accommodate Iniesta to make it 25 players and we are ready and blending,which is the second phase.

Marws said...

Jigga, the new insider? ^^

Manolo said...

If we go for Mata or Maria then someone of Pedro,Jeffren or Gai will leave. Maybe 2 of them.

Think about it u guys who wants other young players.

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