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[2008] The swap deal as transfer strategy

this post was published exactly one year ago:

This year it begun with Ronaldinho and Adriano (read more here), then there was Deco and Adriano (read more here), Henry and Altidore (read more here), Eto'o and Berbatov (read more here), Henry and Cesc (read more here), Zambrotta and Oddo (read more here), Eto'o and Adebayor (read more here) and I'm sure forgetting some: the swap deal rumours have arrived and they plan to stay until the end of August.

Catalan sports paper Sport even reports that Barcelona could make the swap deal a real transfer strategy this summer. It would allow the club to renew the squad without having to spend too much money.

The paper claims that Barcelona is considering an exchange of Barcelona centre forward Samuel Eto'o (27) and Inter centre forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic (26), of Barcelona midfielder Xavi (28) and Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien (25) and of Barcelona central defender Carles Puyol (30) and Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fàbregas (21).

pep's opinion:
it's nice for the papers, but you rarely see this happen. with three parties around the table, it's already difficult to find a deal. with four parties, it only gets harder.

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one year ago, readers said...

Hadi, Tehran said...

these swap deals are so great BUT also so DREAMY....anyway, I wish they happen...BARCA 4 LIFE

Anonymous said...

I still stand by my opinion that a Xavi for Essien swap would be a GREAT deal for Barcelona!I understand that swapping players and their contracts can be tricky, but in the long run if it will save Barcelona some money why not go for it? As for Eto'o I'm surprised no one's realy mentioned him with a possible swap for Sevilla's Alves? Could be the "arrogance" of Sevilla's boss asking for too much in exchange? And for all you Eto'o supporters out there it's not that I dislike Eto'o at all, but it comes down to simple economics! His "value" may never be higher than it is right now! As an example, don't you think in hindsight that Barcelona regret not letting Dinho leave BEFORE this past season? He certainly would have fetched a much higher value than trying to "dump him" for whatever you can get now. Ok, so the argument then becomes, "Well, IF Eto'o stays healthy he could lead La Liga in scoring, bla, bla, bla.!" Well when was the last time he DIDN'T have an injury plagued campaign?

Anonymous said...

I would consider the following:..Eto'o for Essien...Henry for Berbatov....Xavi+Gudjorsen for Benzema....Or Xavi+ Crosas (deal permanent to Lyon) for Benzema....Xavi or Iniesta+ Dos Santos for Diego (Barca then brings Crosas back from loan to Lyon.)... Eto'o for Mascherano+Kuyt..Eto'o for Diego.

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