Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Barcelona possible destination for Ibrahimovic

Asked about the rumours linking Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27) with several European top clubs among which Barcelona (read more here), the player's agent Mino Raiola has repeated in an interview with Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet that Barcelona is one of the possible destinations for the striker:

"Zlatan is a unique player, I don't think we will see another one like him in our lifetime. So if Zlatan would leave Inter, it will be for a big club. And all the big clubs are interested in him. I am in continuous contact with the biggest clubs. I think there are four suitable clubs for Zlatan: Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

But until proven otherwise, Zlatan will continue with Inter. He has a contract for another three years. If he doesn't leave, he will try to win the Champions League and the Italian league with Inter next season."

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KluivertsBoots said...

Ibra has no possibility of joining Barca unless Samu leaves, and I highly doubt that happens after he wins the scoring boot.

I think Ibra would score bags of goals for Barcelona. He'd have no choice but to score goals with the talent we'd have giving him the ball.

Chelsea, Real and Man City are the only clubs who would pay his transfer fee. I think he will be at Real next season.

raidall said...

i don't think he will join real because he doesn't like to compete and real madrid has a lot of attackers. he will go for barca especially when eto'o leaves. and for me tis is the best moment for eto'o to leave with is head held high cuz i don't think he will have a better season at barca like this one. sell him for ac milan let him try another adventure cuz he achieved everything in spain.

i hope zlatan or david villa join us but we must not pay them higher than messi. get keirrison as a backup and loan bojan. sell henry and get ribery. get hernanes as a backup for xavi.

sell hleb and guddy.
get zhirkov or maxwell
sell jorquera and get asenjo.

" go barca go"

Marc4barca said...

@kluivert - i won't rule him out completely if barca really want a player they will get him, daniel alves is a prime example. i agree with raidall i think in the back of zlatan's mind he knows he won't succeed at real the way he at barca, as for eto i had always wanted him to leave as his game was based around speed and he was much better at taking on players but he lost both and has been taken out important games way to easy, even in real where everyone was flying high he failed to perform, david villa really isn't any better he is just shorter and slower. i don't want henry leave he is our new larsson.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Every week there are at least 2 posts about Mino Raiola offering up Ibra to Barça while also throwing in the names of other big clubs. So far, in all the news channels I have visited I have not read a single statement from any club expressing interest in buying him.

Hell, even Manchester City don't want to buy him. Its all starting to look rather deperate and pathetic from Raiola and Ibra.

Manolo said...

Well, he is one of the best in his position, no doubt.

Why do he fit Barça:
*He has the football-Eye,
The eye for the game.

*He can score a header wich is very good, we doesn't have a player in our squad that can do it well.

*He can score with a distance shot

*He can dribble as a striker.

*He can create his own chanses

*He got the style,the technique

Why he doesn't fit Barça:

*When it comes to bigger matches as CL, he doesn't perform.

*He is to cocky and arrogant.

*Sometimes he isn't so much of a teamplayer.
To ego.

*To clumsy

* To slow.

*Got heart,Soul Blaugrana blood?

ZenI said...

I agree with you raidall, to some extent though. Even if Zlatan is a great player and would give us what we lack in terms of height and strenght up front (and he's also very technicall and good passing and so on) he has some a bad temper. As soon as something doesn't go his way he starts to complain, doesn't show up for training and his agents starts rumours. I don't want that around our club you know. The only striker I'm 100% convinced would be good in Eto's place is Torres, but he will be hard to get.
As for the other players we need to get: we're gonna' get a new backup LB 100% sure since Sylvinho is leaving. Loan out Bojan maybe would't be the best, I think he will get better for next season. As for Henry, I would like him to stay another 1-2 seasons cause' he is quality (backup for both CF and LWF). We shure would need Ribery, I'm very excited about him possibly joining us. On the midfield I would like Cesc or Xabi Alonso. We still don't have any players to promote that could fight their way straight into the starting 11, so buying Cesc wouldn't exclude that Thiago for example could start to play already next season in Copa or some other games.

Dolce said...

Zlatan would add whole new dimensions to Barca´s attack thanx to his height, long range shot and aerial power. But I dont see him joining Barca if Eto'o and Henry stay. Barca tried to lure Henry so long time before landing him, so it would be stupid to sell him after only two seasons. There seems to be a lots of great players on sale this summer but seems that our transfer policy is again very conservative. It could be just a rumour but now reports claim that Ribery is on his way to RM who is really willing to spend on new players. Although we are a much better than RM, we still must keep improving our squad, and get even more game-winning players in order to rotate players and avoid fatigue related injuries. Now our key players have to play every match because the bench boys are not that great, useless players like Hleb and Guddy should be offloaded this summer.

LeónDragón said... larsson...can't hear this clowny speech anymore...what makes a player a new larsson?...his age?...33+?...sorry,but larsson was unique...a player able to score when he got in...henry new larsson?...henry is a first-team player and an other type of player...when we need a new striker,barca should search for someone physically strong,able to stop a ball and pass it,something etoo lost...someone with skills and not anyone like larsson...can't find some like him easily...larsson was at the right place at the right in a million...forlan,villa,gomez,ribery...they could be new names...

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Booooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg (boring)

Amir said...

i have to say to say that i agree with raidall but i don't know why i have a feeling that ibra would show us if he will join us why we call him "ibracadabra" i have a good feeling about him

Anonymous said...

What Manolo said.

Ramen said...

Instead of buying a big name player, how about going for either a cule in the name of Guiza or an up and coming star in the name of Llorente?

rahul said...

forget any other striker, get llorente. tht guy is strong, has awesum skills, has gud eye for teh goal. can score from long range. n is way better than ibra in terms of headers. n he wud come for around 15m or so. n is only around 21 22 so can improve a lot. i seriously dislike players like ibra attitude on teh pitch sucks to teh core. more like anelka attitude.

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