Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hleb willing to move to Bayern Munich

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona attacker and Belarusian internacional Alexander Hleb (28) with a move to Germany (read more here), Bayern Munich general manager Uli Hoeness seemed to suggest in an interview with German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung that the player could be willing to move to the German club, although he's not first choice:

"I have the feeling that Diego in principle wants to come to Bayern. If we miss out on him, then Alexander Hleb is the other option. Contrary to what has been written, we can sign the player if we want him."

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skanjos said...

although he is a great player,he never fit in our squad,he can stay and try next year but the best solution is to go to bundesliga ...

some great news about iniesta he says its a minor injury and he will play in the final,he says even if it was serius injury he would play.andres is the best... if you think about it it was a small quad muscle damage problem,a player can run and pass with a problem like that he would have problems with shooting thought but if the doctors say its a small tear in the muscle he can play alright.also he will have plenty of time to rest after the cl final :).i know i wouldnt miss this game for a broken bone not a small tear in a muscle hehe

Ramzi said...

Its not as easy as it looks. We cant let both Gudjhonsen and Hleb leave or else we will need to make even more spending to cover the lack of depth their departure will cause. So its either Hleb leaves or Gudjhonsen. I think Hleb can prove being a better option for the following seasons than Gudi.

But if Hleb transfer to Bayern will Facilitate signing Ribery, then I dont think Barcelona will think twice. But nothing certain yet.

fcbee said...

Another element is that Gudjohnsen (a) is here already for three years and (b) has only one year left. So Hleb probably has more chances to get another (second) chance and Gudjohnsen can leave for free next year.

It will also depend on which players will be promoted. It was also Busquets who kind of made that we didn't really need Gudjohnsen anymore this season.

So you might be able to let Hleb and Gudjohnsen go while only having to spend one transfer fee to replace them (the other one then being a youth product). Although I only see Hleb leave if it's in some kind of deal like Ribéry.

Anonymous said...

Gai Assulin should be promoted to the first team next season, he can be the Hleb replacement.

KluivertsBoots said...

Let them both leave. Sign Hernanes. Promote Gai.

Ramzi said...

Honestly, I dont know enough about Gai, and I never count on the Youtube highlights, nor on the word of mouth. but of what I know, I guess he is more a wing than a midfielder.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is a wing type, similar to Messi, but on the left (he can also play on the right). Hleb isn't really competing for a midfield spot, but competes with our wing attackers (Messi, Henry, Iniesta).

I agree with KluivertBoots, sign Hernanes and promote Gai.

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