Saturday, 16 May 2009

Barcelona B captain could join Aris Saloniki

Barcelona Atlètic captain and defensive midfielder Xavi Torres (22) could move to Aris Saloniki during the summer transfer window.

Giannis Kontis, who will become sports director if the favourite candidate wins the presidential elcections at the Greek club later this month, has unconfirmedly said to journalists that the Catalan midfielder is one of the players they have a deal with and who will join Aris Saloniki at the end of this season in case his candidature wins the elections.

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barca nike said...
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barca nike said...

Pep you wrote summe and not summer

Anonymous said...

We can afford to let him go as we just got one Defensive Midfielder from our youth system in Sergio Busquets.

pep said...

Thanks for that, Barca nike, changed it!

barca4life said...

I wish him luck if he decides to go. Part of the barca yth system is not just to create barca footballers, but to give young players the opportunity to earn a living through football. Not everybody can play for barca some of them can go on to have successful careers outside of barca

skanjos said...

i live in greece and i think this rumor is and aris have had some connections in the past ,aris have previus barcelona b players "javito,toni calvo" there were talks 2 years ago about dos santos and bojan too but they were promoted.

i think aris will move for more than one barca b player ,maybe maric.... havent heard anything but i know they are looking for a striker and i think he will fit there as they try to play creative football.

E said...

i guess he isnt good enough for the first we can let him go

zealot said...

Toni Calvo has impressed a lot at Aris maybe?

skanjos said...

toni calvo is the best player aris have at the moment,you can easily see he is a la masia player,i cant say the same for javito.the thing is one player cant make a team .toni calvo was very good with barca b too and played in spain u19 alot so i was really surprised when barca released him like this to such a team,he can easily play at a higher lvl

Anonymous said...

Skanjos i am a big Aris fan (with a season ticket) and i must inform you that Toni Calvo is a real talent, he knows very well the basics of football, but he never played the 100% of his potential and he plays mainly as substitute. He has scored some important goals but he is not reliable for 90 minutes. I have personal opinion that one of the reasons he is not improving his game is his bad out-court (night)life.
I totally disagree about Javito. Javito is a team player , he has scored some of the most important goals for the club (including the goal for UEFA cup against Zaragoza), he was the 1st scorer of Aris this season and he never caused any problem to the team. He is 100% professional and he is a quiet guy who has great stamina, speed, acceleration and teamwork. He attacks, he defends, all fans love him. He hasn't Toni Calvo's talent but he always plays the 100% of his potential and we appreciate it a lot.
Plz give me some more information about Xavi Torres!!
My name is Apostolos! Thanx a lot

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