Thursday, 14 May 2009

Number of the day: 25


record number of Spanish cups won by Barcelona


pep said...

25 Barcelona
23 Athletic Bilbao (24)
17 Real Madrid
9 Atlético Madrid
7 Valencia

ej said...

@ pep

what about a poll:
assumes we coud get the followng players,
which player should barca sign in the left side :

1) ribery
2) CR
3) silva
4) let bojan and gai fight for this position

i really would like to know how the majority think

jahjah2001 said...

Bloody good number that!!!

Barca4ever said...

Number of the day..............3

The number of cups won by barca 2008/09

sashi said...

we'll just wait for 27th B4E!!!

skanjos said...

i cant believe the season we are having,remember we started with a new coach from barca b,ronaldinho out,aside from dani alves some strange players brought in the squad(hleb,caceres,keita,pique)no superstar,60% wanted laporta out,and things didnt look generaly that well.

and now we have the copa ,the liga and we will play in the final of cl,also we are playing amazing football and everyone knows we are the best team in the world.

Tudor said...

I know it is off topic but anyway.....I am form Slovenia, and our football website has reported, that Barcelona are negotiating with Partizan Belgrade for their player Ivan Obradović, his position is Left back defender and that he will come for Sylvinho. He is Serbian international left back and that Partizan is wiling to sell him for 5,5 mil euros. Juventus, Tottenham and Lokomotiva are also interested in him.

Here is link, I know you do not understand this but....

Has anybody seen similar news in their countrys

Ivan said...

@ Tudor:
I've seen the same news in my country (Serbia), about 2 months ago and all I can say is that I really don't know if he is Barca material ... He is still young , can develop really good if he plays in a good club like FCB, but I believe it's just press talk to pump up the price. He'll go prolly to some German club or Greek or Turkish..

Anonymous said...

Another number to note...


As of yesterday, the number of titles won in the history of the club.

pep said...


thanks for the suggestion. we'll ahve pollls later this summer when things could become a little more concrete.

last month we already ahd this one on the left wing position:


Thanks for that. We had an Obradovich story last month:

It doesn't look like this new story adds something to that, but we'll keep an eye on it!

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