Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Agent Abidal denies Juventus rumours

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona left back defender and French international Eric Abidal (29) with a move to Juventus (read more here), the player's agent David Venditelli has said in an interview with Italian football site Tuttomercatoweb that the Frenchman has no intention of leaving:

"This is just one of those transfer rumours, there has been no contact at all. It's absolutely wrong that the player would like to leave Barcelona. He has another two years left on his contract with the club and he's very happy there. He doesn't have any reason for wanting to leave.

The rumours about him not wanting to join an Italian club because of the presumed racism in the stadiums? Unfortunately, the press completely distorted some statements. The player once had an argument with De Rossi during a match, but neither he nor I have ever talked about Italy as being a racist country nor have we ruled out a transfer to the Italian league on these grounds."

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