Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Pictures: Cup Final (part 2)

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ElovesBarca said...

Oh~ Bilbao players crying gets me a bit ~ but we have to admit Barca is simply the best !!!!!!!!!!!

ilias said...

Touré telling Athletic-supporters to f*** offNice one, totally didn't see notice it during the match and actually didn't expect this from Yaya.

On the other hand, props to Eto'o and Xavi who showed some nice gestures towards the Athletic fans after the match.

For those who are interested in more pictures here's a nice photogallery of the final

A2J said...

oh, the last picture gets to me, crying badly...what a pity

sashi said...

the 11th photo from the top, the one in which VV is wearing our home jersey! for a sec, i was wondering who this new player is as it looks strange to see VV in our home jersey while he always wears his own keeper's jersey!!! VV's the best! Way to go man! lets seee another of ur star performance in the next finals and help us get the CL title!

Segon Pal said...

Extraordinari reportatge fotogràfic. Felicitats!
No he estat capaç de trobar, però, una de les millors fotos de la final. Ni al bloc ni a l'enllaç de les 50 fotos de la Vanguardia.
De la Vanguardia no m'estranya ja que és un diari monàrquic i no-nacionalista, però m'ha cridat molt l'atenció que no l'hàgiu seleccionat vosaltres.
Al menys no l'he sabut veure.

La foto aquí:

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