Saturday, 16 May 2009

Pichichi and Zamora (day 35)

With Barcelona players competing for the trophies of best goalscorer and best goalkeeper of the Spanish league, this blog will follow the events during the second round.

28 Eto'o (Barcelona)
27 Forlán (Atlético Madrid)
25 Villa (Valencia)
23 Messi (Barcelona)
19 Henry (Barcelona)
19 Negredo (Almería)

0,89 Víctor Valdés (Barcelona)
1,06 Palop (Sevilla)
1,24 Aranzubía (Deportivo)
1,26 Casillas (Real Madrid)
1,27 Toño (Racing Santander)


SJP said...

etoo could do with getting a hat-trick against mallorca, just to make sure, forlan has been on fire recently and it would be such a shame for samu to miss out.

also well done to valdes and our defence.

groga said...

Would be incredible to have both trophies... Hope thye both make it!

semko said...

If samu doesn't win the pichichi it will be his fault!In the last couple matches he had so many chances!But i still believe he can do it;)go samu!and vv ofcourse!

Knives Out said...

Forlan is catching up quickly, wake up Samu!

Marc4barca said...

totally agree with semko.

eto did say he puts trophies over winning individual awards so we shouldn't care if he wins or lose, this year is about celebrating the treble.

fc zas said...

You're such a hater, Marc4barca. You're so much against Eto'o that you would probably prefer Forlan to win the trophy so you could say afterwards "see, he blew it, he didn't even win the pichichi, he should be sold". I can't understand such a poor attitude from a Barca fan, honestly.

Marc4barca said...

so your willing to look past the fact that it was actually his fault if he fails to win the pichichi and who is against eto?? i just goddamn said "eto did say he puts trophies over winning individual awards so we shouldn't care if he wins or lose, this year is about celebrating the treble." i hate him sooooooooooo much that i would mention that. it's one thing to talk when you don't understand the situation but it's another to assume someone is waiting for a moment to berate a player, i don't need for eto to not win pichichi to say things about him i am not a fickle person, i've already mentioned eto wrongs and rights and some agreed and some didn't and many people on here talk crap about ronaldo and zlatan just because they do wonders for their team, stop being bias towards barca players. the fact that i also said eto should leave long before forlan was at 27 goals proves alot. i don't watch barca because of one player and if i see a fault in the team i'm going to mention it. stop looking at his goals and look at how much he should of have and what games he scores in and what he brings to the team that other forwards can't. he is lucky we are winning or many people would call for his departure, cause he wasn't the worst player last season and still he was the one people wanted gone the most, why u ask? cause he did not perform when needed the most and missed the real match on purpose(don't blame him for that, i probably would of done the same)neither the less, kindness, running around non stop, no-ego as many of u think he doesn't have don't win games. conserving energy, tactical play, and most of all being a complete forward are best ways to win. every big team has a complete forward except barca, i do admit i am a little harsh on him, that's beacuse i tend to overthink things and too big of zlatan fan that he is the only person i want at barca, so i do apologize for some comments but eto time is up at barcelona in my mind.

rObReV7 said...

A Zlatan fan? I really dislike him, he always goes missing in big games, and thats not what we need.

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