Monday, 11 May 2009

Barcelona will appeal red card of Abidal

Barcelona has officially announced that the club will in the coming hours appeal the red card handed to Barcelona player Eric Abidal during yesterday's league match against Villarreal.

Because of the red card, Abidal isn't allowed to take part in Wednesday's cup final against Athletic Bilbao.

The competent Competition Committee will meet tomorrow to take a decision.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Abidal. His confidence is absolutely not the best after he have recieved 2 red cards in 2 games.

The one at Stamford Bridge against London was horrible. He did not even touch Anelka and still got red card. Here he used his shoulder and it should not even be a penalty nor a red card.

NouBarca said...

I think Abi would win this case.

KluivertsBoots said...

We're just lucky these decisions haven't cost us trophies. The league is won, so I was not upset with the result. I was upset about Iniesta and I don't think we're using good judgement down the stretch selection wise.

It may be good that Abidal misses the Copa final so whoever Pep plans on playing there against United can get some match fitness. I would assume this is Sylvinho.

I'm just baffled that we have so many players in the first team that Pep seems to determined to not play. I would play them just to keep the stars fresh, even if they don't fully understand the system yet. I guarantee you they won't learn it on the bench. I'm really concerned about Bojan.

FCB-Fitz said...

I second that. Bojan is an incredible talent, and he's young. It would even be better for him to play for the B team if he isn't going to get any time with the A team. He is going to be a great, great player one day, but he isn't going to get any better sitting on the bench. Eto'o has been off form and non-existent in some games lately. Why not bring on Bojan in the 70th minute or so in some of the games where Eto'o is quiet?

Another one that concerns me is Hleb. Hleb has demonstrated in his career that he is an incredible talent. But footballers need to play football to keep their game up, especially when they come to a new team. Why does Pep insist on favoring Guddy over Hleb in attacking midfield (not counting last night when Guddy essentially came on as a forward). Guddy is slow, his passes are often poor, and he loses possession too easily. Hleb can dribble himself out of situations, is faster, and rarely loses the ball. When you're up a goal and down a man, that's who you need on the field...someone who can hold the ball. Hleb very well may leave in the offseason, which would be a real shame and a waste of talent and money if he never got a chance to prove himself.

Anonymous said...

i swear we have so many people commenting about coaching decisions it's a wonder that we still need Pep. i mean, so many Barca fans know exactly who we should be playing, what sort of tactical approach we should take...suprisingly Pep seems to have no clue. what the frick has he done for us anyway...not sure he should be the one in charge of making the decisions...we were so much better off before he came along...

Bogman said...

I think the reason Pep played the players he did against Villareal, and did'nt rest keyplayers, was that he wanted the ones that had been tributing the most during the season to be able to finish the liga off in front of the fans. It's just a matter of etiquett. Unfortunatly it did'nt play out like he wanted, but it was pretty close...

FCB-Fitz said...

Uefa just announced that it is dismissing Barca and Man U's appeals. No Abidal or Alves in the final.

And to clear one thing up, I was not complaining about Pep's team selection. I'm glad we started a strong team to try and win the league. I was just lamenting the fact that throughout the season, Hleb and Bojan have gotten very little playing time, which is not good for them as individual players. I'd like to see them get more minutes; I never said Guardiola is a bad coach, Anony.

FCBarca said...

IMHO, it was a penalty...For me, there wasn't any question about it regardless of how much of a meal Nihat may have made of it...Knock him off the ball without actually playing the ball?

But red?...Too harsh and not in line with the foul...Hopefully, it'll get rescinded.

Either way, Abidal's form has not been great...Sylvinho is beginning to look better and better, eh?

Anonymous said...

Barca is so good this season is because of guordiola. Okay maybe not all but he certaintly has done alot. So stop criticising him as i dont think u guys are better than him. Just put more faith on him ok? Joseph has done wonders to this team. And there's more to come :)

rObReV7 said...

Agreed, we really do need Pep. But I heard from Guilliem Balague on sky sports that he is thinking of only doing a few more years, because he feels that he cant do it for a long period. I guess he wants to win everything is a very short period of time, and has a great chance of doing it. He will be considered one of the best if he wins a trebble in his first season!

Ps. i think this season, Bojan has been given the Copa Del Rey to play mostly in. I have no doubts that he will start on wednesday. next season i think we will se him starting league matches and scoring much more freely. He's still got about 9 goals or something this season, and he wants to stay and fight for a place, instead of going on loan. So i think Bojan knows what its about this season, and i hope he can score a few in the final! :¬)

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