Monday, 11 May 2009

Celtic Glasgow is an option for Sylvinho

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona left back defender Sylvino (35), whose contract expires at the end of this season, with a move to Celtic Glasgow (read more here), the player's agent Hans Lamberz has said in an interview with British tabloids The Daily Express and News of the World that the Scottish club is certainly an option:

"We have two firm options to play in Spanish football, but he wants to look outside of Spain. When you've played for Barcelona, it's very difficult to go elsewhere in the league, so he'd prefer a new culture, a new style of football.

Right now I've not had any direct contact with Celtic, but that could all change overnight and if it did it could change Sylvinho's opinion.They are the sort of club which would make him book a flight right away to travel to Scotland. They are a huge club who play in the Champions League and one that would satisfy his ambitions. Sylvinho may be older on paper but he's a fit man who can play for many more years."

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peter said...

True. Age on paper is one thing, physical age another. With his experience and physique i do believe he could play another 2-3 years on celtics level.

Anonymous said...

He should stay one more year I think, he is a true professional that is very fit and dedicated. A good backup.

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