Friday, 15 May 2009

The Pictures: Cup Final (part 3)

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Andrezinho said...

Great to se Xavi waving the Basque flag. A true model professional!

Ramzi said...

Etxeberria in tears. One of the greatest players Bilbao delivered, missed the chance of finishing his career in style. Kind of feeling bad for him.

HouseMD said...

Eto'o waving Basque flag too. Look at Alves' shirt - Esto quanto vale? I don't speak Spanish, what does it mean? I presume "how much does it worth" or???
Laporta hugging Calderon...

pep said...

Alves had a t-shirt made by a friend that said in the front "Esto cuánto vale?" (how much is this worth?) and at the back "Esto no tiene precio" (this is priceless).

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