Friday, 15 May 2009

[2008] Deco announces his exit

this post was published exactly one year ago:

During a promotional act for a brand of sportswear, Barcelona midfielder and Portuguese international Deco (30) has announced that he will leave Barcelona this summer because the club has suggested him to: "Barcelona has spoken with my agent. I will not stay, because I want to be in a place where they want me. As things are now, the best thing is to leave. I thank the club for having been sincere with me. Many people pass here, but Barcelona will always be there. The world doesn't stop turning when I'm not here anymore. I'm sure the club will find someone to replace me."

Deco, whose contract with Barcelona expires in 2010, said that he wants to leave in a good way and has some clear ideas about his future: "I know there are offers and I'm willing to negotiate with other clubs. I don't want to leave causing problems. I will go to England or Italy. I will not stay in Spain, cause there's only one club at the same level as Barcelona and I will never go to Real Madrid."

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one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

I think if Deco took an honest, hard look at himself in the mirror he would see why he's been receiving so much abuse lately from the fans. When multiple sources repeatedly raise questions about his character and commitment to the club as a bystander you become less skeptical that these are personal attacts or a "witch hunt" by the press and that what is being reported for the most part is accurate and true! A parting of ways is what is best for both parties. With the fragile nature of the club and the influx of youth from the "B" squad the last thing this club needs is added distractions, and players who aren't 100% fully committed to the team! I also feel the media should weigh their recent criticism of Deco by also recognizing his contributions in the two La Liga titles and one European Championship that the team one during his tenure. Current form notwithstanding he deserves some merit for his "overall" contributions to the club.

marc said...

hmmm.. can we get him out of here by the end of the week? He was a real force during the title winning seasons.. then he l became difficult to manage.. we have too many players who are difficult to manage ronaldinho eto' deco edmilson 1/4 gone is a nice start.

djoef said...

Edmilson's contract expires, so that's 2/4. If deco really leaves. And if we don't offer Edmilson a renewal... ;)

Anonymous said...

all criticism aside, deco had contributed alot for barca and was a main element in winning two leagues and the CL. the player must get recognition from the board and supporters and leave from the front door.

groga said...

He'll always be remembered as an essential part of the team that won the second CL.

Peter said...

No one can really replace Deco, most of the games when he is on the field Barca play with much more heart. Even tho puyol is the official captain of the team, deco has been the one who has been directing the players. There is truly no other midfielder like him. Even when he's been playing bad he's still on top of the likes of xavi and edmilson, and the team effort is alot higher. He outglances Xavi enormously in the number of assists during the seasons. I really think that he should stay a season or two to regain his form. But if he leaves, i will gladly follow him in his new team - and im sure many of you will curse yourselves this fall for wanting to get rid of him.

I will gladly see him take Portugal to a EC win this sumemr too.

hieifcb said...

i miss Deco!
too bad he's been injured, cant see him play

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