Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Video of the day: Iniesta


skanjos said...

cant see the vid pep

deco said...

hey pep what do you think about this leftwinger.
He just won the title of best talent in the dutch league (a jury with Crujff and Van Basten,..)
Other big names like Overmans,Robben,Sneijder,Kluivert has won this title.

Eljera Elia (22)
he's amazing fast :D

Marc4barca said...

@deco - he looks good and very fast indeed and is only 22. he would be good for barca but ribery is already first choice and henry for backup until gai is ready for first team. If it was up to me i would sign him cause we are missing the dutch contingency we once had that was so great. we need a dutch player to complete this squad. he is dutch right?

Anonymous said...

cant see the video

deco said...

@ marc,yes he's dutch
I think we could use him because he's very talented and our squad isn't that big.
He's a fast winger, and our system needs 2 wingers : we got messi and henry for the wing but no real substitudes. Henry will play only 1 or 2 years anymore and Gai is a man for the futere.

He would be a smart signing because he's not really famous although he played an amazing match against man city and he won the title of talented guy of the year. A list with a great history

1990 Dennis Bergkamp
1991 Gaston Taument
1992 Mark Overmars
1993 Clarence Seedorf
1994 Clarence Seedorf
1995 Patrick Kluivert,
1996 John Dahl Tomasson
1997 Boudewijn Zenden
1998 Mark van Bommel
1999 Arnold bruggink
2000 Rafael van der Vaart
2001 Robin van Persie
2002 Arjen Robben
2003 John Heitinga
2004 Wesley Sneijder
2005 Salomon Kalou
2006 Klaas Jan Huntelaar
2007 Ibrahim Affelay
2008 Mirajlem Sulejmani
2009 Eljero Elia

barca4life said...

Sorry about that, we'll try to rectify the video situation as soon as possible.

ej said...

from goal.com

MU ready to sell CR fo 80 M , i say get him or get ribery .

we need another key player in the left !!!

CR has good FK , this will help too .
and for all wh say 80 M euro too much , only the shirt that barca will sell for him will be arround 20-30 M and if barca doesnt have get ribery for 60 M .

per said...

I wouldn't want Ronaldo in Barcelona even if Manchester United gave him away for free. Slimey bastard.

Bck said...

Barca shirt is not for a player of CR class , not everybody can wear Barcelona Jersey , to sign for Barca , first u should be honest , brave , creative , we don't sign pussy player like Ronaldo , simply Gay .

Vj said...

Brilliant!! Couldn't agree more..

With 80m we can buy Villa AND Silva.. you get the point..

Vj said...

My comment was for Per..

per said...

Well spoken. Both Bck and Vj.

I'd pick Villa and Silva over Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic anyday, even if they'd cost the same amount of money - which they don't.

ej said...

bytheway i am not a cr fan , but i only though he will hep as in wing and in fk .

what do you think about ribery ?

barca must get a good Left winger next season !!!

Anonymous said...

I think we need to go for Silva. He would fit in perfectly within our squad and due to the financial troubles Valencia is having we could make the price drop a bit i imagine.

Silva - Eto'o - Messi
Xavi - Iniesta

Just imagine that! I really prefer Silva over Ribery as the aforementioned click Silva will most probably get with the rest of the team could really help to boost the potential of the team.

per said...

I completely agree with blablabla37.

rahul said...

i agree wit bck. tht ronaldo is fucking cunt he wud let his family die to save himself. ugly to teh core. even if he cumes for free or even manu pay us to have him no way hes coming. he wud only insult teh gr8 tradition n honesty this clubs has n fights for evryday. hes only gud for clubs like manure where money n underhand tactics mean evrything. hell this club is so low just in a recent news i read they trying to cheat n rob their own supportors teh season ticket holders. what a pathetic club. n newaz ronaldo is gay.

voonte said...

Unfortunately no video here either.

Bck and rahul, if you believe cronaldo isn't worthy of wearing the barcelona shirt, at least be respectful saying so. If there's anything you should have learned from barcelona it's to treat people with respect, even if you don't like them. "pussy player", "fucking cunt", "let his family die to save himself", ... Seriously? If I were you I'd take a good look at myself before criticizing others like that.

Marc4barca said...

omg all of your comments are rude towards great players.

@rahul- how many people you know have the guts to die for their family. death is not a predictable thing and when it comes unexpected you will not react in time or even attempt to move as fear rules over many.

@bck- plz restrain yourself from insulting other players like that, i actually see no reason to hate on ronaldo everyone is different and ronaldo personality is quite fine, every barca player hasn't been sweet and nice you know.

@per - how could you choose ronaldo and zlatan under villa and silva, what will villa and silva bring that ronaldo and zlatan can't? the anwser to that is nothing.. if ronaldo comes to barca we will have a fantastic header of the ball and a brilliant freekick taker, last thing barca need to do is shorten the squad.

@voonte - it's good to see we have some respectful people on this forum.

i see no harm in ronaldo joining barca and a player can go as quick he came, if ronaldo doesn't fit barca then he will go but as proven so many times barca can change players from bad to good or good to bad, just be happy that our squad becomes better whether the player is rude or nice.

ej said...


koko=barca said...

No matter what Ronaldo is a bitch. Why would I respect him when he doesn't respect anybody but his gay ass. Personally I prefer Ribery, he makes Magic. Silva is very similar to Iniesta.

Marc4barca said...

ok well let me ask you if messi was as arrogant as ronaldo would you want him to leave barca?

next thing is that non respectful being you are talking about as been a revelation for the past three years. messi only came into the lime light last season when he did so many great things. no doubt is better right now but barca will be better with both. all u need to do is stop hating and recognize what a great talent he is and accept him for what he is and not what you want him to be.

I'll just add that if he was to join barca and perform to his best in which barca collect a minimum of 3 trophies, he would be the nicest person in the world to you guys. I don't care how arrogant or disrespectful a person is cause all I'm thinking about is winning trophies and enjoying barca play and improving at every opportunity. ribery, ronaldo or silva whoever it is will do just fine.

rahul said...

lol u need guts to die or save ur family? well then ur nt even worth to live if u cant die for teh ppl who bought to this earth n made u wt u r. seriously dude fear i dont think i wud give a 2nd though in killing some1 if they try to harm my family in a mahor way. n like koko said y shud i respect someone who is disrespectfull to everyone. he cant even respect teh man who bought him n made him wt he he is today. n keep ur lectures to urself. n no1 gets overcum by fear when its time to save their family, even cowards finds guts in tht situation.

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