Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Some shirts sell better than others

It seems that the shirts of Iniesta are almost sold out all over Catalunya.

The surprising thing would be if those of Hleb would be sold out.

(click the cartoon to enlarge)



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Ramzi said...

When our club community decide to whip a player, they just enjoy it so much that they get addicted to it.

I think when he get a fair chance and play enough, he may sell some shirts.

Erikoisasiantuntija said...

Just recieved mine! Gotta love el vampiro.

noubarca said...

Silliest cartoon ever. I can compare them cos one played till he dropped and the other seldom warm up, let alone play. Its not rocket science which would sell out.

noubarca said...

I cant compare them*

sashi said...

Hleb would atleast have proved his worth had he been adequate chance... but wouldn't mind to say bye to him if we swap him for Ribery!

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