Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Alves and Abidal protests not admitted

UEFA announced yesterday in an official statement that the appeals against the cards handed to Barcelona players Eric Abidal and Dani Alves have not been accepted:

"The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body today rejected the protests of Manchester United FC regarding the suspension of Darren Fletcher, and [...] of FC Barcelona against the red card of Eric Abidal and the yellow card of fellow defender Daniel Alves in the semi-final second leg against Chelsea FC.

All three players are therefore suspended for one UEFA club competition match and will serve their bans when Barcelona meet Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League final in Rome on 27 May.

In reaching its decision, the Control and Disciplinary Body concluded (i) that the protests had not been submitted within the required 24-hour deadline of a match for filing protests – as specified in the disciplinary regulations – and (ii) that even if they had been admitted they would have been rejected as unfounded as there were no grounds for contesting the referees' original decisions. The decisions of the Control and Disciplinary Body can be appealed within three days of the dispatch of the written decision."

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skanjos said...

load of crap,if you ask me every player should be eligible for the final both in cl and uefa,cards should not matter for the last game

Anonymous said...

that was clear

barcaaaaa said...

why don't they submitted the protest within 24 hours.. This is careless regardless if their protest be rejected anyway..


Ramzi said...

Barcelona Appealed just to make sure UEFA won't take Fletcher Card as a special case. It was more a Fletcher Vs Abidal. both denied.

skanjos, if they canceled all the cards for the Finals then the players will become more like destruction Machines in the semi finals the moment they get dispirit for a win. Booking will no more become a threat.
Protecting players is a priority all the time. But may be unfair calls must be reconsidered.

groga said...

Indeed, Ramzi, UEFA doesn't even reconsider wrong calls. Don't get that. They apparently only have the "mistaken identity" rule.

Ramzi said...

True, gorga. I was just pointing out how far we can demand a change in rules.

For me the less you change referee decisions, the better it is. Specially after the final whistle. It may be damaging from time to time but more changes make things more controversial than expected.

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