Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Barcelona wants Jorquera to leave

Asked about the situation of Barcelona goalkeeper Albert Jorquera (30), Barcelona goalkeeping coach Juan Carlos Unzué has said in an interview with Catalan sports paper Sport that the club still prefers that he would leave this summer:

"We told him last May that our plan was that he wouldn't continue at the club.

We think that the guys from the B team, Miño and Oier, have made great progress and that we can trust them in case it would be necessary. That's why it's the best for everyone to find a solution. It won't be easy. He has one year left and the market looks very difficult this year. But we have time until the end of August to find a solution.

He has had two difficult years because of injuries. He recovered due to his strength of will and we have to recognize that effort. Pinto nevertheless did well in the meantime and Albert became third goalkeeper. He has always behaved professionally. Last December, he indeed had an offer from Sporting, but we thought that the season would be very long and we didn't want to take any risks."

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James said...

Wasn't his contract due to expire in June 2009? Then we renewed him for a year after he came back from his injury. I can't understand why we didn't just wait until after the season.

yuti said...

We renewed in February 2008, I think. While he got injured in December 2007. His contract expired in the summer of 2008 and he got a two-year renewal.

It's kind of sad he "blocks" one of the youngsters but who can blame him? He'll probably want to stay for one more year and then see what happens because Pinto's contract also expires and I think Pinto is a few years older (not sure). So maybe he hopes for another renewal or else he'll try to find some Catalan club in Segunda, I guess.

barca nike said...

Its best for him to leave he wont play any matches except in the pre-season,Mino and Oier are young and one of them can be our 3rd GK.

James said...

Thanks for the info yuti. I guess any move could mean a massive reduction in salary for him.

peter said...

Which Sporting is he talking about? Gijon or Lissabon?

Wasn't Tenerife interested aswell?

pep said...

Gijon, peter. Check this article from the archive:


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