Sunday, 10 May 2009

Xavi: "Making history is a big motivation"

Barcelona player Xavi gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

You once before lived something like you're living this season?
The truth is I didn't. It's something great, I'm enjoying every moment of it. Something like this has never happened in the the history of the club. But we didn't win anything yet.

Yeah, but the league is very close now...
You should be careful with believing something is won because in football nothing is sure. It's clear that we dream about winning the three trophies, but step by step.

You have the feeling that only winning one title would seem little now?
I don't like to talk about hypotheses. It's clear that we're very close to making club history and that's even a bigger motivation for us. I sincerely think that you cannot ask for more.

How do you look back at the Chelsea tie?
With a good feeling. The one who played the best football won, the only team who went out to play.

What about the five penalty claims?
The only one that could have been given is the handball of Piqué. But we also should have had the Henry penalty at the Camp Nou and a red card for Ballack but then nobody said anything.

So, you didn't steal it...
Stealing? Football owed us one.

How come?
Last season in the semi-final against Manchester United we played a lot better than them but in the end they eliminated us.

You won't deny that Chelsea made things very difficult for you...
Yes, but they didn't come out of their area, they closed themselves with two lines of four players. We didn't really have a lot of trouble, the thing is that we didn't shoot. But in the end, with a bit of luck, the goal came.

The reactions of some Chelsea players after the game surprised you?
I stick with John Terry who came to our dressingroom just after the game to congratulate us one by one. It's nice to see there exist professionals like that.

You've heard that some people in Madrid, with the elections coming up, have proposed to forget about Crisitano Ronaldo and Kaká and to go after Iniesta and yourself?
Well, I'm sorry for them but that's impossible. I couldn't be happy playing for Real Madrid, although I'm thankful for the praise and even more when it's coming fom the big rival.

With two finals coming up, you don't feel that you're being more careful on the pitch, maybe unconsciously, so you don't get injured?
If you think about that, you probably will end up injured. If you don't put your foot strong, you're getting injured. Being more careful is rubbish.

You notice that the fans are proud of the team?
Of course! People stop me down the street to thank me. Something like that never happened to me before. It's crazy.

So this is the moment to return their support by winning titles, no?
Yes. We owe everything to the fans. It's true that when things are going bad, they are the first one to be more demanding, but when things are going good they lift you up towards success.

You would prefer to celebrate the Liga at the Camp Nou?
I want to celebrate the title and if it's at the Camp Nou and together with our fans, the better.

How things have changed in one year? You remember what you had to go through last season?
That's the strange logic of football. One year ago, we were nothing and now we're marvellous.

And all that thanks to Guardiola?
For a very high percentage, although without talent you cannot do anything either and in this team we're almost having too much talent.

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koko=barca said...

Football owed us one!!! Great one

Iason said...

Win the league now so we can think about the Champions League. PS: We also need the Copa Del Rey so the Basque players will stop saying they have won the same amount as us!

hieifcb said...

tonight we will become champions ^^
visca el barca!

ninzy said...

"Football owed us one."

"I'm sorry for them." (meaning Madrid)

nice quotes lol.

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