Friday, 17 April 2009

Pinto only goalkeeper who will certainly stay

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Barcelona goalkeeper José Manuel Pinto (33) is the only one of Barcelona's three goalkeepers who will certainly stay at the club this summer.

The future of Barcelona first goalkeeper Víctor Valdés (27), whose contract expires in 2010, will depend on his renewal talks with the club at the end of the season (read more
here), while Barcelona goalkeeper Albert Jorquera (30), whose contract also expires at the end of next season, is willing to listen to offers by interested clubs (read more here).

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Anonymous said...

in: Cech, Zhirkov, Hernanes, Ribery and Keirisson!
out:Valdes, Gudjohnsen, Hleb!
promote: Gai, Thiago

barca barca barca!!

Anonymous said...

cech-35 mil
zhirkov-20 mil
hernanes-20 mil
ribery-35 mil
keirisson-20 mil

valdes-maybe 10 mil
hleb-10 mil
gudjohnsen-5 mil

this isnt football manager you know

Anonymous said...

why in hell would barca want hernanes or Keirisson???? just because they are young and from brazil doesn't mean they are going to be great...that would be 40 mio. wasted money.

What we could use is a left back, Ribery and a keeper in case Valdez leaves.

If possible we would have to get rid of Hleb, Keita, Guddy, Henry...

I would sign Ribery, Asenjo and possibly another left back because Silvinho might leave. then we are set.

Dan R said...

Cech is terrible since his head injury...

Anonymous said...

no cech please
if we have prepared a large sum of money, just bid buffon or try to persuade casillas (although nearly impossible)
otherwise just buy some other cheaper keeper such as asenjo or frey

Bogman said...

I would get Frey over Cech any day...Price in relation to skill is something you have to consider in these matters. And bringing 5-6 players means that we have to get rid of as many. I cant see Pep (or Laporta & Txiki for that matter) altering the squad-idea like that. They have a clear model that will not change this year or the next.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! "...try to persuade Casillas... nearly impossible". How about totally impossible... that would NEVER happen.

SimonP said...

Not really any news from AS. I think Valdes should stay, get Asenjo as a backup and keep Pinto. Jorquera deserve to be first-choice in a club. A new leftback is needed, I prefer Lahm. He can act as a starter/backup at the leftback in the easy games and backup for Alves, that man can't play ALL matches every season!

At least one centreback needs to leave. When Henrique comes back we have 6 and that is 1-2 too many.

Gudjohnsen and Hleb should leave, promote Thiago to replace Gudjohnsen and buy Ribery / promote Gai.

Anonymous said...

I think
valdes will stay
pinto too
jorquera perhaps out

sylvinho won t stay
helb won t want to stay
Guddy don t want to go and midle field carency during CAN
henry stay
Eto o want to stay but for a level price he s ok to earn less but barça want him to pay very less, villa option is very possible for a good price. eto o leaving = cash+more salary possible
Lham seduce txiki cause right and left but expensive and bayern don t accept it
zyrkhov expensive and too offensive
who? Agger?what price?
Ribery certainly high negociation with bayern and franck have to do what he know to do when he want to leave a club: stop to play till the end of the season (like OM)
it will be very expensive but Laporta want a last big transfert
if not silva have already get his tiket to let valencia CF
If Cesc convince wenger to let it go, Barça won't let it go anywhere.(the same argument for last laporta season and carency in the middfield). Pep thought he can make it like defensive and let go Toure before the CAN.
More over transfert cash =
30k€ + 10 or 20k€ if they win 1,2,3 competition + helb fee (8/11k€)+ eto o/villa cash (+5k€ =40k€-35k€)that all and it s not a lot, xavi valdes,messi,iniesta, salary grown up

OLALEKAN said...

pls i think valdes should not go,he is a world class keeper (to me) but i think it would be sensible if we can get a good and young back up like asenjo,while jorguera should certinlly leave.i dont know why u people like mentioning the nme of u think he's so much better than valdes??pls forget that,valdes won us the champe in paris,and cech can not even try to save chelsea i their first ever champions league final.

MBB said...

Wouldn't the addition of Ribery or Silva provide Pep w/ the option of selecting either a 4-3-3 to 4-4-2. This could give him another level to pull based on the opponents strengths/weaknesses?

We MUST get one or the other. Keirrison would be great but we can wait until either Eto or Henry move on.

I cannot believe Pep does not sub players!!!!!! Does he not believe players can become fatigued or that injuries can occur. This is by far the most frustrating aspect of his game plan/s.

sashi said...

seriously noone should ever speak about Cech instead of VV... wtf man... Cech??? insane? no ways...
@MBB : Pep knows tat ppl would get fatigued and tats why he employs rotation policy... and u wouldn't care if he doesn't sub out Xavi or Eto or Henry... i know u are speaking about Messi...
Pep knows tat Messi could get injured but he doesn't wanna portray an image tat we sub him out once a match is sealed... jus trust wat Pep does... he knows wat e's doing... atleast better than u, me and most ppl here...

MBB said...

Sashi, 1st I dont understand why any coach would ever be concerned of leaving an impression that he will sub out players once games are sealed. Isnt that the point get the big lead and get others some good reps. maybe just maybe they will begin to mesh with other starters. I could care less who he takes out just take someone out with more than just 15 or 20 min left in the game. Like Ive said before why would any talented young player want to come to Barca - theyll just sit on the bench with little hope of meshing with the 1st team. Enough said - I do respect him and he certainly knows better than I! He should be careful though to much of anything causes an imbalance!

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