Saturday, 28 March 2009

Barcelona won't sign a new goalkeeper

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona doesn't plan to buy a new goalkeeper in the summer and could stick with the three current goalkeepers.

Barcelona second goalkeeper José Manuel Pinto (33) has a contract for one more season, although both parties can put an end to it this summer. Barcelona nor the player would want that. Asked about his future, Pinto said in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that he plans to continue: "If they don't tell me the opposite, I see myself staying until 2010."

Barcelona third goalkeeper Albert Jorquera (30), whose contract expires in the summer of 2010, could also stay if it depends on the club. Barcelona would nevertheless be willing to let the Catalan go if he asks to leave. If Jorquera won't continue, he will most probably be replaced by Barcelona Atlètic goalkeeper and Spanish youth international Rubén Miño (20).

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Barca nerd-fan said...

well... Pinto is pretty decent and Valdes is improving so I guess we don't need a new goalkeeper. But we would need a left wing and back... so I think this should be the smmer transfers:

Left wing: Ribery(if possible, really expensive) or Silva

Left back: David Santon, he is young and extremely talented, solid at the back and pretty good at attacking. I reckon he would be one of the best left back in the world soon.

BA said...

Jorquera has played something like 45 minutes the entire season. why are we still paying him, again? we need to sign a keeper who can put pressure on Valdes to not suck. Asenjo is a perfect target, as Pinto will never oust valdes from the first team spot and he knows it. Asenjo at least is young, very talented, and ambitious; exactly the combination we need at this moment.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Jorquera wont stay. He is 3rd choice at Barca and unlikely to ever get much opportunity here.

I cannot believe this is true though. There is a clear shortage in class in the Goalkeeping department and they have to bring in someone to put pressure on Valdes. Asenjo is perfect.

tero said...

Kamikaze is right...if Valdes wants to really earn his salary in Barca,he needs to compete for his spot every day...Asenjo would be my choice too.We don't need Jorquera

Anonymous said...

as a said before. barcelona is not willing to solve the goalkeeper problem. you cannot build your house on broken stones

Etsp said...

Barca nerd-fan, Davide Santon would be great, but the thing is Inter is very aware of his talent, and I'm pretty sure they won't sell. Maxwell is unsettled, and has quality, so signing him would be easier.

I do believe we really need a new keeper to pressure Valdes though, Asenjo would be great.

Nico said...

Why can't we buy a decent keeper?
I can't believe that we are going to keep 3 low level keepers..
I'm tired of not having a keeper who can give confidence to the rest of the team.Is it so difficult to buy a talented one or there's a reason we don't know about it?

Leo10Messi said...

We need a new GK. Sergio Asenjo would be a good choice. Also Vincenzo Fiorillo who is currently playing for U.C. Sampdoria is said to be the next Buffon would also be a good choice.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if victor valdes speaks any english?

Iniesta01 said...

Valdes oh god I really don't like him I mean okay he did fairly well against clubs in the champions league mainly chelsea where he made an okay save but we need a new keeper , I think we should go for french keeper Frey from Florentina he's pretty good or maybe Diego Lopez from Villarreal but a change must happen if they have any desire to retain their titles and with Real Madrid signing the likes of Kaka , Ronaldo and god only knows who else it just MUST happen .

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