Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Barcelona offers Eto'o to English clubs

British tabloid The Daily Mail claims that Barcelona is offering Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) to clubs from the English Premier League.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta is said to have flown into London yesterday seeking to sound out several possible buyers, with a Spanish source being quoted as saying that Manchester City is on top of the list: "Laporta will meet first with Manchester City, but will also listen to any club ready to pay a good fee."

Barcelona would be asking a transfer price of around 35 million euro° for Eto'o, who could be the sort of high profile player Manchester City want to sign during the summer transfer window. Chelsea and Tottenham would also be asked if they are interested.

British newspaper The Guardian claims that Laporta met in London with Manchester City chief executive Garry Cook and that Barcelona is asking a fee of 45 million euro° for Eto'o, whose contract with Barcelona expires at the end of next season. The rest of the British media have taken over the report.

British sports site Sky Sports meanwhile claims that Manchester City officials would have denied that talks took place on Monday and have dismissed reports about having made a formal approach and a bid for the Cameroonian forward.

pep's opinion:
quite unoriginal attempt by the british press (i cannot understand that also presumed quality paper like the guardian and the times are bringing this) to destabilize barcelona ahead of tonight’s game. if they had done their homework, they would at least have suggested that it was txiki who has travelled to london…

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pep said...

35 million euro =

45 million us dollar
30 million british pound

45 million euro =

60 million us dollar
40 million british pound

noubarca said...

Eto must be really BAD that Larpota had to come to London to "offer him for sale".. Thats BULL CRAP. Mancity flew to Milan to ask for KAKA..So, why do we need to fly to London to offer arguably the best striker on the world?

BlaugranaIRE said...

I wouldnt believe this bullshit. Laporta would want to be completely stupid, espescially at such an important point of the season.

blaugrana_uk said...

this is bull to destabilise barca ahead of the champs league especially eto'o i wouldnt worry eto'o will sign his extension and stay at barca

Anonymous said...

media is one of the reason why some players loss there moral during the game. this one is a stupid speculation. i'm afraid of this because it might affect the game of eto'o against chelsea. if this is true, i will feel bad to laporta. this things should be entertain or be done after the current season so that those players affected by the transfer news will not lower there moral during the game.

Areign said...

media machine is just churning out the bullshit like a cow given xlax

Anonymous said...

Don't pay attention to british tabloids, it's bad for your mental health.

Albert said...

I have noticed a change in the body language of eto'o recently since after bayern munich... this could be true... may be barca tryin to buy ribery and a real "good striker" with this money.

veteran said...

chelsea is a team from england and they know it will be very difficult for them to reach the champ final so the british media is doing every thing possible to discomfort the Barca dressing room ahead of this game. that is a false story and Eto'o is going no where.

OLALEKAN said...

pls dont ever listen to all this, have u guys ever hear from elmundo deportivo that larpota traveled to any club to offer any of our players???i think u all know even if offering our players would be a priority,thats the work of txiki and not larpota,even larpota seldom travel to bid for a player not to talk of offering one of the best stikers in the world.british tabloid are full of BULLSHIT.

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