Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Decision on Ibrahimovic at the end of the season

Asked about the rumours linking him with an exit (read more here), Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovich (27) has said in an interview with Italian television channel Sky Sport Italia that he’s now focusing on his club:

"I have a contract with Inter and I'm happy to be at this club. For now we are all concentrated on winning the league. At the end of the season we will see what happens."

The player’s agent Mino Raiola said in an interview with Italian television channel Radio Radio that the club will decide on the player's future: "Ibra was hurt after the Champions league elimination but he’s now only thinking about winning the league title.

He has a contract with Inter for four years and we respect that, so he will only leave if the club finds an agreement with another club or when Inter doesn’t want to renew his contract. Without the collaboration of Inter, Zlatan cannot leave.

Like every top player he wants to play for one of the top teams---Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter, Milan and Manchester United. All those clubs know each other very well, so Moratti will hear it when one of them is interested and then he will have to decide. I think he’s worth close to 100 million euro°. It’s the strongest and most complete player in the world."

Asked about the transfer rumours, Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti told journalists on Monday that a transfer is not on the table at his moment but seemed to leave a door open: "It's not a question of money or a dislike for the team. Perhaps he's just hurt by my outburst after Manchester, but I was refering to everyone, not just him. He clearly reacted to that defeat in the same way I did. He was disappointed.

He is just ambitious. Maybe he wants to leave to win the Champions League, but it's hard to know beforehand which team will win the Champions League. In any case, Inter will try again next year. In life, sometimes you change and then regret it after... Zlatan has an excellent relationship with Mourinho and with the club. There's mutual esteem, we only need to speak to understand each other.

There are no meetings planned for the end of the season. If he decided to leave, if he asked me to leave, then there would be a price, like there is for everyone, but I honestly haven't thought about it. We're certainly not looking for buyers for Ibra. We can't imagine Inter without Zlatan because of the importance he has for the fans. I like to think that Ibra will continue at Inter."

One day later, Moratti made clear to journalists that for now he doesn’t want to talk about the issue anymore: "Listen... I really don't want to keep on talking about this. I still haven't seen Ibrahimovic. Actually, I saw him on Sunday when he played very well, and I saw him after the match and he was calm. I will know more after I have spoken with him. For the moment I can't say anything."

Inter Milan manager José Mourinho meanwhile said to journalists that he’s calm about the future of Ibrahimovic: "Like all of us, he's very disappointed about the Champions League elimination, but he has replied on the pitch, transforming his frustration into good performances. I'm not worried. I have already convinced players to stay before. It happened with Deco. He wanted to leave Porto after the UEFA Cup victory but he stayed and we won the Champions League the following season."

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Watch these videos of Ibrahimovic (Zlatan: The Good vs. Zlatan: The Bad) :

Uploaded by odn-barca4life

Uploaded by odn-barca4life


pep said...

100 million euro =

135 million us dollar
92 million british pound

hamad_ali said...

no thanks
for 100mil i'd rather have villa + ribery + silva for the bench + zhirkov + asenjo + adriano galiani as a towl boy + a milk shake )
and i'd still have some change left .

Albert said...

he can help us if he can go to real madrid.
one of the most over ratted player

tero said...

Let him stay in serie a...We don't need him.He doesn't score goals as much as Villa and his attitude could be a major problem...Overrated jerk

sashi said...

Zlatan = strongest, most powerful striker...??????
Zlatan = big match flop... may be the greatest ever big match flop.... and for 100 mil??? we can buy 2-3 Premier League teams... ;)

sashi said...

the video is not workin for me... maybe i use Mozilla tats why or not, am not sure...

barca4life said...

try internet explorer sahsi its working fine in internet explorer here

M10 said...

nobody shouldnt even mention torres and ibrahimiovic or any player thats already one of the best in one of the biggest clubs, honestly, almost every player dreams of playing for a big club, not barca, when u guys discuss a player u want u also gotta also think in the perspective of the player,club, and fans. Villa and aguero are more realistic options and id prefer either one of them, i dont think etos gonna stay forever

sashi said...

now its working barca4life :)

Anonymous said...

Ibra is simply overrrrr rated. If we are asking of the player with the largest nose, then Ibra is the man. I wonder why he is so highly paid when he cant deliver anything. maybe like Berkamp he is maybe just using some vodoo to make himself popular. he cannot even be compared to eto. He is worse than eto in character.

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