Sunday, 12 April 2009

Guardiola and Messi protests not admitted

Barcelona's appeals against the yellow card handed to Lionel Messi and the expulsion of Josep Guardiola from the bench during the Champions League match against Bayern Munich on Wednesday (read more here) have been dismissed.

The statement on UEFA's official website reads as follows:

"UEFA's Control and Disciplinary Body did not admit two protests lodged by FC Barcelona, in relation to the yellow card given to forward Lionel Messi and the expulsion of coach Josep Guardiola in Wednesday's UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg against FC Bayern München, during a hearing on Saturday.

Messi was cautioned in the 17th minute of the match at Camp Nou, which Barcelona won 4-0, and Guardiola was sent to the stands shortly afterwards. As there was no case of mistaken identity by the referee, Barcelona's protests were not admitted. Guardiola remains suspended for one UEFA club competition match, the second leg of the tie in Germany on Tuesday. Both decisions can be appealed."

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bojan! said...

another yellow card for messi and he will miss d semis or the final?? fuk

Dan R said...

he MUST NOT miss Semi-Finals first leg ("if" we pass bayern) we must smash the opponent in the camp nou like the quarters...

Knives Out said...

Exactly! That would prove us very costly.. but messi has not been carded a lot this entire season.

He will miss the semi final ONLY if he gets carded in the next match. You need two consecutive yellows to miss the next match from what I understand.

Knives Out said...

From the UEFA CL Rule Book:

21.02 In case of repeated cautions, a player is suspended for the next competition match:

a) after two cautions in two different qualifying matches, as well as after the fourth caution during the qualifying phase;

b) from the first match in the group stage, after three cautions in three different matches, as well as following any subsequent odd-numbered caution (fifth, seventh, ninth, etc.).

Anonymous said...

someone who know better should clearify this Messi yellow card issue

as i understand it, after the quater finals, all single yellow cards will be deleted....

thus meaning, messi cud still get a yellow against chelsea first leg and still not miss the second semi leg

or am i wrong....?

i hate being wrong

Anonymous said...

well , I can understand that pep deserves a punishment but that's no problem. on the messi case we just let him rest against bayern in the return and that will be the end of that problem. let's just hope wo don't get that stupid ref for the rest of the cl.

Anonymous said...

I know messi dont get booked that much

but i also know how english players work, .. thinkin John Terry, Lampard and Ballack (german)

they will do all they can, to get
into messis head and try him to get
a yellow card in the process, by kickin him and playin dirty

knowin barca with out messi and away from home is not the same team

so am not worried that messi will get booked, am worried a chelsea player will PRETEND he was kicked n foolt he ref and get messi booked, plus walkin around being angry rest of the game, thinkin about the match he will miss

that allong with barca players being mad as hell would only creat
the kind of games we dont LOVE= a fysical, out of controll, kickin n pushing players, slow paced fight club....

"i guess ya'll can sence i dont think much of english teams huh, ha ha"
// bashir

bluess said...

i think pep played messi full time against recre, cuz he will rest him against bayern. he knows that the yellow card appeal was dismissed, so he played him FT against recre, and rest him against bayern. to keep him match fit.

zealot said...

Regarding about Pep's dismissal, can anybody help me translate what the person in the last part of this video talk about. Seems like he has some story about Pep, because he seated behind Pep on the stands.

barca al said...

zealot, the kid says:

"They made a seat open and I heard 'put Pep there'. And I thought 'well they're going to put Guardiola in front of me'. Well, then they put Guardiola in front of me! I would show up on the TV's. I heard comments from the Barca physios like 'I'll put this' and 'should I substitute so and so' and -"

then it cuts off.

Jacob said...

dont play Messi @ Allianz Arena .

Put A.Iniesta in his spot.

Where up 4-0

DC86 said...

3 yellow cards = suspension
And he has just 1...So no worry for Messi... And Pep is banned just for the return leg against Bayern, he will come back in semi-finals if we go through.

barcaaaaa said...

Ok let me tell you guys.. No worry here..

3 cards = suspension and Messi only have 1

New rules said, IF the team go to the Final,, Players with 3 yellow cards CAN play in Final. (This only apply on FINAL game)

So, If Messi Don't play or not received any card in 2nd leg QF.. He can get Yellow card in both Semi Final and still can play at Final.. The only way he can't play is if he get Red Card or any unfortunate double yellow card which I think is unlikely to happen..

So, no worry guys.

barcaaaaa said...

Oh.. one more.. Suspension happen at

3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th yellow cards given..

zealot said...

thx a lot barca al ;)

Subhashis said...

after each Knock out round, slate is wiped clean. so if messi dont get a card at the 2nd round of QF at allianz, his slate is wiped clean..and if we are in semis..he starts afresh...

someone rightly said here about the chelsea players getting into Messi's head. He have to watch out for that

KevinCFC said...

Yer we will beat you again like we did in 2005

The only time in history when Barca beat CFC is when we [ CFC ] are down to 10 men - you never bneat us when we have 11

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